oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Boy is Three

Three years ago I cradled all 9 lbs. 14 oz of his body and kissed every inch of his sweet face. Today I cradle all 35 lbs. of him in my arms and do the same. Rather than breathing in the sweet smell of newborn I breathe in the smell of little boy. Fresh air and sweat. He has a crusty nose and dirt under his nails. I can't imagine loving him more.

Celebrating him was a treat. Watching him was a treat. Being his mommy is a treat.

Woody and Jessie

Sweet Sammy

We opted out of a big party this year and just had family over for dinner. We are truly blessed.

Grandma outdid herself on the cake...

Happy Birthday to Trent

Papa was in charge of putting together gifts

Uncle Mark was in charge of making sure the gifts were being played with properly

He melts my heart

Good times all around

Trent, you are the second Kellas boy who has stolen my heart. I love that you're a Mama's boy, that you still let me snuggle with you and that you randomly run up to me during the day to give me a kiss. You love to learn and already have mastered all your letters and their sounds. Just the other day you sounded out a word in a book we were reading. You love to collect things. Rocks, leaves, pine cones, the neighbor's newspaper...you also take every chance you get to pick flowers for me. I know that I can't keep you little, but I promise to make every attempt to enjoy and appreciate who you are in your littleness (even at 4 am). My eyes fill with tears when I think about how much I love you. Happy 3rd Birthday Trenter Bug!!

P.S. This is for Sarah...Jake and I share a love for Tim Tebow and he not only started, but pulled off a win for the Broncos on Trent's birthday. Tebow!!


  1. Lisa, I'm so excited Drake posted a link to your blog - I LOVE reading people's blogs! Your family is just so adorable it's almost painful! ;) So cute!

  2. Thanks Megan! Glad you enjoy it :) I've really enjoyed documenting all the "happenings" this way. Do you have one?? If so, send me the link.

  3. You know I love that pic of you and Jake with TEBOW! Nice overall documentation of the evening, we had a great time :) Happy Birthday big boy!!!!

  4. Dad(Papa) and I (grandma) commented to each other we have never seen a child more delighted with his cake and blowing out the candles. He is such a B-O-Y!!! We are thrilled to be his grandparents and live close enough to be a part of his life. His smile is "contagious" and his laugh is "infectious" and so he has captured our hearts as a "disease" there is no cure for.(GRIN)
    We love you Trent to the moon and back or as Buzz would say "to infinity and beyond".

  5. Grandma did a great job with the cake! Wow looks like a fun day! Are those the kids' Halloween costumes? Super cute!