oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

We Lounged

It's something we're good at, lounging that is. Lounging and eating. This combination is perfect for weekends. Throw in family and football and you have a cocktail that will not disappoint.

The big activity on Saturday was painting pumpkins.

Which quickly became finger painting pumpkins.

Little sis looked on with envy

Then had to be moved inside

I left the clean-up to Daddy and escaped to our room to catch up on rest. Thanks Honey for the nap...not the photo.

While I slept Drake took these. I just love them.

After such a "hard days work" we felt a glass of wine was in order. We called up Grammy to join us. One of the many benefits of living so close to family is that when you call them at 7:00 at night to join you for a drink they can be there by 7:05. The kids love it. I don't think Juliana could have wedged herself any closer to Grammy.

Sunday=Football (and church of course)

Siblings from both sides congregated at our pad today to watch the Chargers take on the Broncos. Of course I wanted the Chargers to win, but I'm not quiet about my crush on Tim Tebow and wouldn't have been that sad if he pulled out a win for the Broncos. Turns out I'm not the only one in my family who loves Tebow because my brother was cheering the whole time for them to put him in. What's not to love about a quarterback that loves Jesus and is adorable, right Jake?

The kids are blessed with aunts and uncles who love to rough house with them...even when there's a game on. True love I tell you.

Despite the full lasagna and garlic bread meal we had eaten earlier (thank you Grammy), we celebrated the Charger victory with a little Que Bueno. I'm pretty sure my brother is keeping them in business.

Chip, cheese, jalapeno, delicious!!

We were a little loose on the no dairy rule for Trent this weekend. His exact words just as he was scooping a huge glop of Que Bueno onto a chip was, "I like hot cheese". You're in good company buddy!!

Don't worry, Mama ate enough "hot cheese" that you'll get your's later :)

Once again the Lord blessed us with another beautiful weekend. Hopefully we lounged enough to carry us through another week because it's gonna be a busy one. I'm pretty sure we did...

Goodnight stars, goodnight air, goodnight noises everywhere.


  1. Well, I think Garret needs to check out these pictures, because if he sees what I see.... Look at that handsome husband of mine! He's definitely better looking than Brad Pitt! And yes, i think we alone manage to keep Que Bueno of So. Cal afloat, though this is only our second can. Still, any time you want "hot cheese" just give us a call. Obviously, we're good for it, and if we don't have a can, we do live next door to Costco. Cute pics :) And thanks for the lounging, I think I lounged in the kitchen, family room floor, the couch. Sheesh, I took over :) And I'm not sure if Jake agree's with the "adorable" factor of Tim Tebow, but he sure does love him. Sibling love for Tebow... I love that!

  2. Lounging is a much needed thing in this world of constant busy, texting, emails, cell phones, etc. I believe it is biblical "Be still (lounge) and know that I am God." Love you!

  3. Great photos! That cheese dip looks really good; you're making me hungry sitting here at work! :-) Good looking pumpkin decorating! Thanks for sharing! I like the lounging comment too; I will take that to heart one of these days!