oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Night Swim, Morning Cheer

Well it's happened once again. My immune system has failed me. It's been a rough year for the mommy of this house. Mastitis three times, strep throat, ear infection, walking pneumonia and now this. Soar throat, dry cough, no voice, no fun. However, the weekend still delivered.

We kicked off Friday with a play date with a new friend from kindergarten.

Her name is Maryann. Bonus, she has a little brother...and a really cool backyard.

Saturday morning. Sleeping in while Daddy made his famous Mickey/Minnie mouse pancakes. Waking up to hot coffee. The faint digging sounds of landscapers working on our front yard...I'm pretty sure I could also hear the audible cheering of our neighbors who have had to look at the eye sore that is our lawn for the past three years. Fort building in the living room. Uncle Mark and Auntie Jess popping by to say hi. An afternoon pedicure with my mom (heaven) and of course the kids favorite, night swimming at Grammy and Grandpa's.

making progress

Someday the kids will realize how spoiled they are to have grandparents that have an indoor pool.

The lens cap kept fogging up...oh well.

Now onto morning "cheer". Trent has this annoying adorable habit of waking up at the crack of stupid. Doesn't matter what time the kid goes to bed he wakes up really early and is really loud.

Here was my cheer this morning.

Love the T-straps on page 21 and the sequined top on page 90. Also, heavy cream in coffee is divine.

The 9 month princess on her throne, I'm jealous.

We skipped church this morning due to my illness. Drake picked up bagels with the kids and we spent the rest of the day laying around. Still waiting for tomorrow night's game to know if I won in fantasy football, but overall it was a good weekend. Now for the grand finale...

Samantha is 9 months old today. I typically don't like to brag, but it's my blog so I'm going to. Pictures don't do this baby justice. Neither do words. She is magnetic.

She loves baby dolls and is already starting to stand on her own. She has five teeth coming in right now, which will make the grand total seven, crazy!! She is a little princess, but has the ability to completely draw anyone in. Not quite sure on the height/weight stats, but we know she is a healthy girl and we are smitten.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Love all the pics...the pedicure was a nice(awesome) break in a busy day for me. So glad you called with the invite.It's wonderful the kids can still get some swimming in because I know they possess energy beyond what a normal day of play can handle. You need to get some rest, EAT every chance you get and relax a little on the running until you are completely healthy. Being a mom is hard work and it takes alot out of you! And you are a very good mom!

  2. PS. We missed you at dinner. The kids ate great....Dad made the most delicious teriyaki(his own homemade sauce) chicken. Just ask Trent, he is the one who declared.."this chicken is delicious!!

  3. Listen to your mother, she knows best ;). Love spending time with those beautiful kids. And that little princess is just a cutie pie! I have yet to try my coffee with heavy cream. I'll have to try that someday when I have a 9 month old taking half my daily calories. Glad to have seen you were feeling better today, get plenty of rest!