oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


In the wake of Trent's birthday Juliana has been wracking her brain for the perfect party theme for her sixth birthday (in 8 months). She has mulled over Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, Fancy Nancy, ballerina and for the moment she has settled on "glittertastic". Yes, she made this up. However, it seems perfectly suited to who she is and I kind of hope she sticks with it. She has games, decorations and specific cake instructions for Grandma all mapped out in her head. I might need to negotiate with her on the party favors though...Twinkle Toe shoes for every guest is a little out of our budget ($40 a pop at Nordstrom).

We have always joked that it would be fun to go through life in Juliana's world. Rather than walking she dances. Instead of talking she sings (literally she makes up a song for everything). On the morning of her preschool graduation she walked out wearing her dance recital costume and tap shoes because she knew they would get to go up on stage...this is our girl. Glittertastic is the perfect adjective to describe her and it's only fitting that she made it up.

Don't worry, we do use situations like the preschool graduation as teaching opportunities to explain that life is not all about her. We in no way encourage narcissism or entitlement in our children. However I love that she is not a stranger to the spotlight and she is confident in who she is. My prayer is that her glittertastic personality sparkles for Jesus because I know He has great things for her.

Mama loves you


  1. I'm "all in" for a glittertastic party. I am awaiting my instructions for the cake decorating. I know at her age the party "theme" may change. But I will be keeping my eyes open for some good glittery cake decor. She is one to "sparkle" and I love her creativity. She is blessed with a mom who allows her to create even though at times it can be very "messy". You have an artist in the making. She loves music, dance, writing, painting and creating -put it all to good use. God our Father made us in His image and He created
    the earth and all that is in it....encourage her in His ways with her creativity.

  2. Glittertastic is fantastic!! <3

  3. Seriously in-love with the Glittertastic idea! Go Juliana!