oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Home Gym

First off a huge thanks to all that joined me last night. I wish I had taken some pictures, but I was too busy enjoying your company. Here's what's left of our evening...

Well this and a bowl with popcorn kernels at the bottom. Thank you Beth for the introduction to chocolate covered fruit from Trader Joe's. I will add that to my long list of things I love from Trader Joe's. I'm a home body, but I love having company! Let's get another movie night on the calendar.

Yesterday morning Grammy treated the girl's and I to Starbucks after we took Trent to school and this morning Grandma brought over coffee and bagels. Have I mentioned before that I have the BEST moms??

Anyways, lately I've noticed that a recurring conversation piece at kindergarten drop-off aside from how tired we all are is exercise. Do you work out? What gym do you go to? So-in-so just started Crossfit. Well, I have a gym membership. I think I've used it three times in the past six months. Most of my "burn" happens at my home gym...

*He weighs a "slight" 35 lbs.

Emptying dishwasher squats. Great for the thighs, buttocks and abs because you must stabilize the weight of the 19 pounder on your hip. If anyone would like to create their own "home gym" my kids are available anytime.

Have a great weekend!

Juliana loves to "help" with photography


  1. In that first picture of you, with your hair braided, while emptying the dishwasher... I almost thought it was a picture of me. Oh yes, the home gym. One of these days, I should come over and live a "day in the life of lisa" this way I can get in my work out :)

  2. Lisa I think your "home gym" is just amazing! You look great; always have, always will! Can't wait to see you soon! I'll bring more chocolates.