oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dancing Queen

When Juliana was two one of her favorite songs was Dancing Queen by Abba. We would put it on repeat in the car and sing our little hearts out. If I was fancy or technologically savvy I would put that song on as background music to this post. She is five now and the dancing queen of our lives and we are loving watching her blossom.

The little girl in pink is a hoot.

Sister got some air

Is this pilates?? Perhaps I should join the class

What I love most is watching the concentration of her trying to master a step or a position and then the sheer delight on her face when she gets it. Her intensity sometimes is hard for me to manage, but with that comes such spirit and zeal for life. I know the Lord has something great in store for her life, I just keep praying for His wisdom in guiding her.

"You are the dancing queen young and sweet..." I know you can't stay young forever, but prayerfully you'll always be sweet. I love you Juliana

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  1. Our dancing "princess" not quite a queen (too little). Lots of prayer and loving guidance to keep the sweetness. Mainly we(her family of women) must demonstrate godly character for her to imitate. We have a job to do as we also have Samantha and little Emily on the way. God help us!