oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Confessions and Some Highlights

1. Since last week's gym/twizzler incident I have not exercised

2. Last night I ate white bread with butter and brown sugar spread on top. It. Was. Delicious.

3. I ate this while watching Bend it Like Beckham (cheesy British soccer movie).

4. Kiera Knightly's abs had me slightly regretting #2. Were four slices necessary??

5. Trent's teacher gave me the sweetest note expressing how much she enjoys him and how academically advanced he is. Made my day and made me cry. BTW all his academia is credited to Juliana not me.

If I were going to compare this week to a restaurant it would line up with some mediocre chain, like Chili's or maybe even TGI Friday's. You all know what I'm talking about. How were your sliders? They were okay. How was my week? It was okay.

The little two have both had colds complete with eye discharge, Drake had to go out of town, my double jogger has a flat and there is folded laundry from last weekend that is STILL sitting on the couch. However, it was sprinkled with some Claim Jumper chocolate chip calzone moments...

Makes my heart swell

Working on expanding her palette 

Big sister's new boots

Making sure Sammy's academia is up to par, we have a reputation to uphold

Monthly chiropractic appointment. 

Attempting to master the baby lock

Need I say more??

Looking forward to the weekend. Our favorite boy turns three. Happy Friday!


  1. Here are my confessions:
    1. Thursday night I ate almost a whole bag of the organic popcorn with olive oil from TJ's. I did eat a honey crisp apple with it.
    2. I am definitely ready for the time change...FALL BACK!!!
    3. I wore boots to Mom's Day Out Friday-picture day--not a good idea as I had to do alot of running back and forth from class to class to photographer--MY FEET ARE KILLING ME!!
    4. I went to Sprouts to buy some yummy bread for Jessica and I to have with some delicious soup she made and I also bought some chocolate peanutbutter malt balls. I ate about 6 then gave the rest to Lisa. Otherwise I'm sure I would have devoured them all.
    5. I am working on a Buzz Lightyear cake for one little adorable boy who will be three tomorrow and I'm praying it turns out Super Duper Cool just for him.

    That's about all I can think of for now. Decorating is call..off to a good start Buzz came out of the pan without any "cracking".. :)

  2. Okay, here we go....

    1. I had 2 dinners last night and then went a pigged out on popcorn and cookies at Lisa's (as many of you know from the live show last night).

    2. I forgot (I'm amazed) to drink the pumpkin spice coffee Jake left for me this morning and now I almost feel cheated that I didn't get to enjoy it earlier.

    3. When I'm done with this post I'm going to drink the coffee I forgot about until just now.

    4. I bought a new vacuum last week and was so excited about how great it works. The excitement didn't last long, I need to vacuum again, and I'm avoiding it like the plague.

    5. I should be grateful for the beautiful 80 degree weather that I am blessed with here in San Marcos, but I am so SICK of the sun and I just want it to be fall... Missing the gloominess that is Carlsbad A LOT lately.

    6. I have been VERY tempted to have some hot cheese all by myself lately. Problem is, I hate having hot cheese (Que Bueno!) in the fridge and there is only a little left, and I know if I finish it Jake will come home and want me to go buy another whole gallon. I'm trying to draw out the time periods between when I have to buy these huge cans of liquid... or rather lard consistency cans of cheese. This is the only thing keeping me from eating it (Its not that this cheese is the same consistency of lard at room temperature).

    7. I love Edward and might have to watch the breaking dawn trailer after I post this while drinking my coffee and avoiding the cheese.