oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween, where to start?? We. Had. Fun.

Since our original plan to visit the pumpkin patch was thwarted when the girl's had pink eye or was it Trent had a fever...? Anyways, I wanted to make it up to the kids. So on Monday when we picked Juliana up from school we headed to the mall parking lot where they had set up a faux patch with about eight different jumpy houses. The kids were in heaven.

Let's try again

Oh well, we tried. Moving on.

Forget candy, I'll just munch on these legs.

A moment of tenderness.

Back to reality.

We left with sweaty foreheads and dirty feet, but no pumpkins. Oh well, carving is overrated.

Since we now have a kindergartener and it was a school night we decided to stay home this year. Family came over, we ate pizza, passed out candy and trick-or-treated our neighborhood. The kids couldn't have been more delighted.

The mama cat and her kitten

We love Auntie Jess and CANNOT wait to meet her little kitten :-)

The more people that showed up the more excited the kids got

The kids

The grown-ups

Fueling up

This wasn't planned. Also, it's not the first time we've shown up wearing the same thing. What can I say? We both have excellent taste.

Oh Honey!!

While I headed out with our kids to circle the block Drake stayed home to protect our newly seeded grass. A highlight for everyone was seeing him stand out front with the bowl of candy while he directed people away from the lawn. I love him. Oh Honey!!

*see the footprints? Drake's tears were visible.

I didn't have sisters growing up, but I'm so glad I get to have them now that I'm grown up. My brother's have great taste in women.

Cara is pretty fabulous too.

Garret's not so sure he's ready for kids

It was a fun night and it was a delight to watch the kids costume clad going door to door. I love Halloween. Don't get me wrong, I don't like the gory. I don't like that my eyes are accosted when I drive past the high school on this holiday (girl's put on some clothes, show yourselves and the boys more respect!!) I do love the excitement I see in my children though. I love watching their little legs run up to neighbor's doors. I love that family gathered at our house. I love that it's the kickoff to the holiday season and that my kids are still little. Each year I watch them discover something new about each holiday. This year Juliana found it was more fun to hand out candy than get it. Seriously, we overheard one of the junior high boys across the street telling his friend, "go to that house the little girl gives out handfuls".

I hope that's what I can teach my kids about Halloween. That even though the world celebrate's darkness it's another opportunity for us to gather with friends and family and be generous with what the Lord has blessed us with. So if next year you find yourself with no plans, head on over to our house. Hopefully by then our grass will be mature and Drake won't holler at you as you walk up (oh honey).

Cowgirl kitty

It's November now. Time to start planning my Thanksgiving menu. If you have any good recipes, let me know!!


  1. Very Fun!! Wish I had been more "with it". However today I am feeling definitely better. Everyone looks so cute, scary, and festive! I do agree there should be some age limit to trick or treaters. I had parents with treat bags at my door saying "trick or treat" and expecting candy. I of course obliged but I think trick or treating should be saved for the children. If adults want to have costume parties then so be it but don't come knocking on my door.

  2. Cute :) Love all the costumes. And seriously, it is somewhat bizarre how often you and I wear the same thing... and on halloween? And I loved watching drake try to protect your grass... which btw, how is the grass doing after it's assault?