oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sick Day

Today Drake and I had big plans. Big plans to surprise the kids with a trip to Disneyland. We couldn't wait to load them up in their jammies, grab bagels on the way and not tell them where were going till the Matter Horn was visible from the 5. I even had brand new Mickey Mouse shirts packed for them. Instead we were all surprised with a trip to the doctor's office this morning.

Happy to report it's just a virus and all three are on the upswing. Such a bummer though. Oh well, it's fortunate the kids didn't know the original plans for the day and we made the best of being home.

Apparently being sick at our house means eating pita chips and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 

Little sis' trolled for crumbs...looks like she had success

While they did this I disinfected like crazy, did laundry, stripped their beds, did laundry, washed dishes, did laundry, vacuumed said crumbs, did I mention the laundry?? Piles of clean clothes are still half folded on my couch. I haven't showered. In fact I'm still wearing the clothes I slept in (yes I wore them to the doctor's and Target) but guess what? I'm the one that gets to be here. For that I am grateful.

To make dinner for a family. A husband who works hard for us and children that are a gift to us.

Wherever I am, she is.

Ramen noodles for sick littles
To give baths...

And snuggle clean babes...

Sick day aside, tomorrow is December and mama had some prepping to do.

Filled our advent calendar

Made sure we had the fixin's for Snowman Soup

Added our newest stocking to the lineup 

I know sugar isn't the best thing for little bodies that are recovering from illness, but knowing what they had missed today even though they didn't I felt it my motherly duty to make it up to them somehow...

Yes, I let them make their first Snowman Soup of the season. They were delighted.

I don't like it when they're sick, what mom does? However I know I will miss it. Not the sickness, the moments. Being needed. Footed jammies. Ramen noodles and toast. Pudgy hands gripping hot chocolate mugs. Anticipation for the Advent calendar. Kissing their soft skin. I want to remember it all.

Kids, this is your mom at 28. Tired, yes, but loves you more than you'll EVER know!!

I don't want to forget what it feel like to hold them close and know that the Lord has entrusted them to me and they are a guaranteed blessing. Even when I'm tired, haven't showered and ate dinner while nursing (I only dropped a few grains of rice on her head). It's all worth it!


  1. Glad they are all feeling better...and of course it was great that Drake was home to help :) These are the days that you will miss, not the sickness the togetherness in the house just being together. The daily rhythm of your lives. It's almost like a heartbeat that you count on. I thank God that I was able to be the one who HEARD and FELT that heartbeat. It's DECEMBER!! Yeah let's celebrate our Lord's birth!! Joy to the World the Lord is come!!

  2. I think this is the sweetest post yet. As was said on the phone yesterday, I admire through and through the dedication, love, and determination you have as a mom. You are truly an example of how the Lord intended people to raise their kids :) plus you're pretty cool with the snowman soup! Love this post, and love these pictures. I'm so glad everyone is feeling better!

  3. Snowman Soup looks awesome!! And what a cool advent calendar too! Glad that everyone is doing better and that you can redo that secret trip soon!!