oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

10 Months

We love her. Ten months has flown by. She stands, squeals and knows EXACTLY what she wants.

Baby sister is on the move all the time. Except when we pause to do this.

We do this a lot.

 Her favorite thing right now is to be wherever her big sister and brother are. Most of the time that means waiting by Juliana's desk for a crayon to fall. Oh how she loves to sink her teeth into that waxy goodness. If she's not there, she's messing up Trent's lego tower or waiting for him to drop a crumb while eating a snack. If she can't find them she goes a lookin'. I love hearing her little hands slapping the wood floor as she crawls down the hallway toward the bedrooms. I love turning a corner only to find her on her knees bouncing and beaming. There's something so special about having a baby in the house. And this girl, well she's pretty special (big sis is pretty awesome too).

Yep, the whole family is in love with her. Oh sweet Sammy Lou, I can't believe how quickly your babyhood is slipping by. Thank you for still nursing, thank you for still cuddling, thank you for still wanting me more than anyone. I love the way you suck your thumb, stand at my leg and say "up", give kisses, stare with your sparkly eyes and shriek when you're excited. Every little part of you is delicious. Cheeks, dimpled elbows and chubby toes, I savor them all. Can't wait to celebrate your first Thanksgiving next week. Maybe if you're lucky you'll get a few bites of pumpkin pie...we'll see.

"No pictures please, some people are trying to eat"

Love you my little beauty


  1. Of course we're all in love with her! And you're right, 10 months have flown by, I can hardly believe it. She is such a little cutie and and we adore her and the two big kids so much :)

  2. Ohhhh those legs!! Those arms!!! Where is the dipping sauce?!!!

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  4. Baby sister is 10 months! Oh My!! She compliments our family so well. She is BUSY and girly. She has princess qualities that are part of her DNA not taught. She loves to watch and observe and then go for it! Papa and I can't wait to have her this weekend. Papa has learned she likes to taste food so they will get along quite nicely as long as he has some "treats". Love you dear Sammy Lou!!