oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Confessions and High Tea

First off, Happy Birthday Beth!! Praying you had a blessed day.

I confess...
~I saw Breaking Dawn. Again.
~I will see Snow White and the Huntsmen just because Kristen Stewart is in it.
~I ate two pecan bars for breakfast this morning.
~We have mice. Not only am I neurotic (Drake told me so) I don't want to deal with it so Terminex is coming tomorrow.

High Tea

I love this tradition. I love getting dressed up and putting on perfume. I love drinking out of a beautiful tea cup with my own teapot. Scones with clotted cream is heavenly (just sayin'). Enjoying this with the women who helped shape who Drake is is a blessing. Today was no exception.

Hot chocolate for Miss Juliana

  Me and my girl :)


She loves her Grammy

I was having trouble with the lightning because it was just so bright. To my surprise we got quite a few good ones I couldn't pick just one to post.

Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. First of all Happy Birthday Beth!!
    Here are my confessions:
    1. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving even though I was not with all my family. David and I had a great day together...
    2. I caught my "pinky" nail on my left hand on the bed frame while changing the sheets. I may lose my nail I had to do lamaze breathing and prayed hard so I would not pass out. I was here by myself (Eric showed up and was able to help me bandage it) Much better today.
    3. Went to the black Friday sales here in Parker not much to report. Very low key!!
    4. I am sitting on my deck, drinking coffee, and watching the river while typing this.
    5. I saw 12 burros on Thanksgiving Day and it was so exciting. We stopped by the side of the road and I took pictures of them on my cell phone. Who else saw wild life on Thanksgiving?
    Blessings to you all.

  2. I must add. Dad and I love the pictures of Jules. All of pics are great. I love the one of Jules and Laurie..beautiful. Looks like a lovely time.

  3. Happy Belated Beth! I was thinking of you yesterday, but I totally forgot to get your number from Lisa! These pictures are beautiful! Love them :0)

    okay confessions:

    1. I just cleaned out my fridge. There were 2 week old mashed potatoes in a container in there and they smelled so bad I gagged. Thats what you get for not getting rid of food when it hits it's shelf life and when you've put milk products in them - ick!

    2. I too saw BD for a second time :)

    3. I hate this weather. I have Kyxy on with all its glorious Christmas music and it just feels wrong. And I just took my trash out (with said mashed potatoes included) and I just about broke a sweat when I walked to the dumpster and back. Isn't it December next week?

    I can't really think of much else right now.


  4. Those are great photos - High Tea looks amazing!! Thank you ladies for all the birthday wishes. I had a wonderful birthday and feel so blessed to have been showered with birthday greetings from family and friends near and far. OK onto my confessions:

    1. I saw Breaking Dawn, again

    2. I saw Breaking Dawn, AGAIN (yes again. even my sweet husband is now questioning my sanity - how awkward!).

    3. I, too, will see Snow White and the Huntsman movie just to see Kristen Stewart. Mark your calendars ladies - release date of June 1, 2012. That gets us 1/2 way to November 2012 at least.

    4. I will also be first in line to see Cosmopolis - our boy RPatz's next film. Release date sometime in 2012.

    5. I didn't take a shower on Friday - yeah, after not one but TWO workouts; an hour of cardio at the gym and an hour of hot yoga at Core Power. Hey it was my birthday! And then I came home and pigged out on leftover Thanksgiving food. Yes i'm gross. And old.

    6. Despite all my Twilight obsessiveness - I still have a corner of my universe dedicated to Ryan Gosling - and I must say I'm not sure about this Eve Mendez relationship - Ryan, you can do better than that. You and Rachel McAdams were so right for eachother!! You rebuilt that old house for her!

    OK I confess that I probably can find more to confess but 6 is embarassing enough. Please don't kick me off your blog. :-)

  5. Beth, last week was your birthday so it's all justified. Let us know when Cosmopolis comes out. I know at least a couple of us will join you (Sarah).

  6. Oh ya! COSMOPOLIS!!!!!!!!! I"M SO THERE


    I just finished the first book last night! All I have to say is WOW, I didn't know I had more room for another obsession....