oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Friday Confession (Rant) and Some Happy Highlights

Disclaimer: If you are reading this and you are "this woman" I apologize. This is a confession, therefore it's not something I'm proud of and I'm working on it.

I confess, I judge women that exercise in just a sports bra. I maybe get it if you're 19 and it's August and you're running outside by the beach. I totally get it if you are running a marathon, even a half marathon. However, woman in front of me on the treadmill, it's 5am, it's November, we are in an air conditioned facility, the risk of you overheating is slim to none. Please put on a tank top. The greater danger is to the gentleman next to you when he has to explain to his wife that he tripped on the treadmill because he was distracted by your bare flesh and general "bounciness". Don't misunderstand, I'm not opposed to a little skin exposure. In a month or so you may see pictures of me bikini clad and poolside in Cabo. Time and place people. Time and place.

 I will work on laying this judgment to rest. Pray for me.

~Happy Highlights~ 

Trent loves to take pictures with "just Mama". So the other day we experimented with the timer on my camera

Baby sister stands, please note her delicious thighs.

Juliana showing off her mad shoe tying skills, love her "markered up" fingers.

Our morning walks and this hat.

Our green grass.

Afternoon stamping.

The reality of cookie baking in our home.

*he did this right as I was snapping the picture, I quickly rescued her.

Fun Christmas socks.

Juliana's daily dance shows.

Upcoming celebration of Emily Anne. 

If you have anything you need to get off your chest, please post. One week countdown girls!!!! Have a happy weekend all.


  1. I have to admit... The sports bras don't bug me THAT much. But this will then lead me into confession #1

    1. I Sarah Sammons have run on the treadmill in our community mini gym with just the sports bra. But, there is a disclaimer... the air conditioning was not cutting it, I get hot really easily while working out, and, there was no one else in there. (I would never do it if someone else was in there). Go ahead and judge me, its okay, I probably deserve it.

    2. I watched Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse while sewing Emily's quilt and cooking dinner on Wednesday night. It was great. I didn't pay painstaking attention to them, but I enjoyed having their stories going on while I was getting things done. Is it weird that I just like having them on in the background?

    3. Almost every morning I have to practically shove Jake out of bed so he will get ready for work (He is not a morning person). I then usually stay in bed for at least another 10 minutes.... I feel guilty about this, but I also indulge in being the only person in bed too.

    4. While sewing between Wednesday evening and yesterday afternoon my sewing machine kept getting stuck. After about the millionth time of having the needle get stuck in my fabric I was ready to throw the whole thing out and "call in sick" to the baby shower tomorrow. I really have no patience for these things. Poor jake was watching something about Tim Tebow (no joke, he is a focus of our daily lives these days) and I practically yelled at him to help me get the fabric out of the machine. He couldn't help me, he doesn't know how these things work. I eventually got it, and the quilt looks beautiful and totally girly, but still, poor Jake got to hear the brunt of my frustration - better get my machine serviced soon, otherwise, who knows what I'll do ;) .

    I think thats it for now... but if I think of more I will let you know :)

    Happy Friday!

    I want to post a quote so:

    Edward: "Is it not enough just to have a long and happy life with me?"

    Bella: "Ya, for now...."

  2. I confess I have nothing to confess. Yep that's right I was perfectly well behaved all week long. No transgressions to report, absolutely none.

    Now, next week will be a different story, I'm afraid....


    Here's my quote: Bella: "I’m a little worried about Edward… Can vampires go into shock?"

    Happy Friday!!


    I confess I bought this shirt.

  4. My first confession is that I started writing this confession at least ten times. I’m having a hard time even confessing it to myself. But, I’m going to confess it here where everyone that reads this knows and loves me….so, here goes nothing.

    I confess that I am not excited for the holidays this year. Not even a little bit. Usually this is my favorite time of year. From the time I hand out that first piece of candy to the trick or treaters, to the time we ring in the New Year. It’s always me that can’t sleep on Christmas Eve and wakes up all the kids. But, not this year. Not at all.

    The reason is simple and complex. I. MISS. PAPA. I can’t believe he is gone, I can’t seem to absorb that as a fact. I hurt every day; I think it’s the grief. I have never had to imagine the holidays without him. Wasn’t it just last Thanksgiving that he was here in my house surrounded by the family….how can it seem like yesterday and so long ago at the same time??

    Let’s keep this confession between us though. I have kids that are counting on me to make this holiday season just as special as every one before this. I will let their excitement carry me away. I will stuff the turkey, deck the halls and count down when the ball drops. But if you see a tear in my eye, you will know what put it there; the love that will be in my heart forever and the loss that I am feeling so profoundly for a man that made such a huge impact on my life.