oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

~Long Weekend~

Our Saturday morning walk made a comeback this week. Paired with breakfast in the village, it was nothing short of wonderful.

Ladies, how come we've never been here?? Girl's night out anyone...?

~Thanksgiving Part 2~
Saturday night Cara and James were gracious to open up their home and host another Thanksgiving. If anyone knows anything about James' cooking then you know this is an invitation you don't decline. Cornbread stuffing with sausage, need I say more? Or eat more? I had three helpings. Beyond the food was the laughter and fellowship. We are blessed that some of the closest friendships we have are with  family.

After we gathered to hold hands and pray we sat close around a table and raised our glasses to good food, friendship and the humor of family and parenthood. Good times!!

My boys

Sunday morning came too soon. With it brought a fever for Samantha and a cough (allergies thanks to the 80 degree weather) for Trent. Church was out, but Daddy's pancakes weren't.

He still hasn't made friends with utensils. We're working on that relationship.

The handsome chef :)

Poor Beauty...

Remember that we raised a glass to family life and parenthood only 12 short hours prior...here's the Honey and I actually living that out. Raise that coffee mug to no sleep, sick kids and the Terminex guy's truck breaking down.

Our long weekend was just as it should be. The right combination of family, pancakes, dress-up and reality. Right now I have a jammied baby smelling like grape motrin that needs and wants her mama. Hate that she's sick. LOVE that she wants only me. Please pray she feels better soon. Have a great week everyone!


  1. I'll raise a mug to that! Sounds like an awesome Thanksgiving!

  2. Jamie!!! I miss you. How was your Thanksgiving??? What are you doing up at 1:30 am??

  3. Great pictures Lisa - you and your cutie patooties!! What's with the Terminex guy's truck breaking down? Ugh! Hope the kiddos are feeling better today - and FYI i'm going back to post my Friday confessions... I have some 'fessing up to do. :-)

  4. I hope the little one gets better soon! Poor Sammy, and poor you! Love the pictures! And I think Drake needs to catch those mice and then make me some pancakes when he's done! Drake....????