oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Catch Up

So somehow it's already Tuesday and I'm just letting the events of the weekend soak in. It was a good weekend minus the fact that Daddy was gone. We had a lot of activity to make it go by fast, but it didn't feel hectic. I love that. I guess I'll take it day by day since there's so much.

Friday Afternoon

It was raining and call me crazy, but I was feeling risky.

This child has tons energy and I had to figure out something to do with her. I wasn't in the mood to turn on the TV or pull out all the stamp, paint, bead...art stuff. Trent joined in too.

That night my good friend Beth picked up Starbucks (red cups and gingerbread lattes have arrived for the season) and we watched The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. We're both fanatics and are getting hyped up for the premiere of the next installment later this month. Love sharing popcorn and swooning over Edward with a good friend :-).

Saturday Morning

My dad took Trent for a train ride down to Solana Beach to grab a bite eat and have a little "guy time". He got some great photos that I will post later. They had a wonderful time. I'm so blessed they're buds. Trent loves his Papa. While they were gone I had the pleasure of photographing my adorable pregnant sister-in-law and my brother (I guess he's adorable too...at least to his wife...oh and my mom). Here's a few of my favorites.


I love when I get to be a fly on the wall to their playtime together. She really is sweet to him and they love each other very much.

Mark and Jessica's friend's were hosting a Pampers and Pigskin party for them. As in bring a pack of diapers and watch the Chargers game while eating delicious food and your children run up and down the stairs (because everyone knows that stairs are more exciting than a ride at Disneyland to a child that doesn't have stairs in their house). Anyways "sister of the year" didn't bring a pack of diapers because she waited until the last minute and of course it was pouring rain that morning. Three kids, Target parking lot, rain, you get the picture. Mark and Jess, you can expect a generous gift from me at next week's baby shower.

Our gang left at halftime to go over to Grammy and Grandpa's. Aunt Kelsey and Uncle Garret were up for the game and we wanted to say hi and hang out for a bit.

Have I ever mentioned that my in-laws have a gorgeous view from their porch?

Don't you feel bad for them?


Here's just some random pictures that make me happy

She's just so kissable

My crazy girl

My sweet boy, he loves the rain and his rain jacket


Also Love.

Yes, when Drake got home yesterday our fridge was bare so I went to Trader Joe's. By myself. It was practically a vacation. I purposely didn't drink any of my sample coffee in the store so that I could sip it in my car while eating one of these cookies. They're one of my favorites and I look forward to them every holiday season. Early confession: the box is already gone. Good thing I started running again.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. What great photos as always; particularly the ones of your brother and Jessica! Darling! And your mom's haircut is so cute! Hope I can hook up with her one of these days. Is that a peppermint JoJo? I was just at TJ's last week and didn't see them; they must be hiding. Movie night was so much fun; can't wait 'til next week!

    Quote of the day: BELLA: Why am I covered in feathers?

    Gaaaaaaahhhhh!! See you soon!

  2. I would have loved to see the final results of your home beauty treatment and make up session as I have been the (victim) I mean grateful recipient of such treatment. And yes, I do think Mark is adorable as I think all my children are. Seeing that last picture I should have taken you up on that offer of going to TJ's with you. I missed out on some yummies!