oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Belated Confession, Tired Mama

I confess I was not motivated to blog on Friday. I couldn't think of a single confession that didn't sound more like a complaint. I haven't felt creative or inspired to document the past couple of days in words or photos, even though we have had moments that have been pure fantasticness (mine own word).

Saturday started with a trip to Urgent Care because Trent woke up moaning and complaining of ear pain. Knowing that he had taken a hard tumble the night before I wanted to get it checked out. The doctor we saw could see nothing but told me that if he spiked a fever later in the day to go to the ER...ummm ok. He seemed fine so we went on with our day which included a birthday party for a two year old. After the party I laid Trent down for a nap and he awoke 30 minutes later crying with a 102.9 temperature. Per the doctor's orders we headed to the ER. Come to find out he has acute otitis media...an ear infection. Yes, I rushed my son to the ER on a Saturday afternoon for an ear infection. Not sure how the doctor in urgent care missed this one, but at least Trent got a cool hospital bracelet that he's STILL wearing. Can't wait for that bill.

Afore mentioned fantasticness included:
~ Friday night chili and cornbread with the Morris'.
~All the one on one time I got to spend with my little guy. Tons of snuggles and kisses while we waited on doctors and discharge papers. I love him.
~Jake and Sarah to the rescue. They stayed with the girl's while we took Trent. We came home to pizza, a sleeping baby and my brother watching Home Alone (have I mentioned before he's awesome?).
~Feeling like a teenager again. Sarah and I sat on my bed Saturday night talking about everything under the sun while she let me do her make-up. So fun. I wish we had known each other in high school.

I do have photos to share. Christmas tree decorating and tender moments between siblings. They will come I promise. Right now though it's time to beautify myself. Remember the gold shoes?? I finally have somewhere to wear them...stay tuned.


  1. Okay, now that we have an official confessional for the week, I'm going to post before I head out that way to bring you my coat and maybe some earrings... I have to see what I have.

    1. I read all 3 Hunger Games books this week. Reading is such a guilty pleasure for me and it consumes me once I've gotten into something. I avoided school work, laundry, and gave Jake ample time to research more about Tebow (we all know his love for Tebow).

    2. I sobbed at the end of the third book - I haven't felt that emotionally involved in a book since the night before my 21st birthday... obviously something really struck me in these books. I then woke up somewhat depressed Saturday morning. Is it just me, or shouldn't I not be so affected by books?

    3. I bought new body wash at wal-mart this past week, and I was more than pleased to find out that my new Dial brand soap is called Lavender Twilight... I have to admit that the name persuaded me to buy this fragrance. Not bad for $2.

    4. I haven't gone to the gym since September and I have eaten more pizza and burritos this week than should be allowed :)

    5. Seeing sweet little Samantha fall asleep on Jake yesterday made my day. It makes me ache a little for the day when the baby that falls asleep on him is ours.

    6. I haven't studied for a single exam/quiz this entire semester... I have a quiz and another exam tomorrow. Why start now?

    And I LOVED our teenager time last night too :) My make up looked better than I could ever do it! You can always be my stylist! Can you also do hair? I can't seem to do anything but straighten mine out.

  2. My Belated Confessions:
    1. I am the proud owner of a copy of Breaking Dawn on my iphone. Thank you Tom!
    2. I had a peppermint mocha frappucino AND a vanilla milkshake yesterday - which leads to confession #3...
    3. I ate crappy most of the weekend (i was in Las Vegas which is a good excuse?)
    4. This is a rant not a confession but people, please, do you need to smoke so much? My hair, clothes, suitcase and lungs feel so full of cigarette smoke its disgusting. I need a lung brush
    5. I'm marking February 11, 2012 on my calendar; Breaking Dawn DVD release date. And my fingers are so crossed for extra and deleted scenes!!!!!
    6. I need some Dial Lavender Twilight soap too!

    Ahhhh felt good to get that off my chest! Thanks for the opportunity! :-)

  3. Ladies, I love that you're so faithful to confessions even when I'm lagging. Here's one I've been wanting to say for awhile, but I'm so embarrassed to say it out loud, but I know there's no judgement so here goes...
    I eat A LOT of crap and rely on breastfeeding as my safety net, I'm secretly worried that when I stop I will get quite chunky.
    Yes, this is totally vain and very true.