oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Confessions and Holiday Highlights

1. I went Christmas shopping on Wednesday and may have spent more on myself than the kids.
2. I tested out a sweet potato souffle recipe this week and ate almost the entire pan myself (thanks Mandee)
3. I hide behind my husband's Facebook and stalk people.
4. I'm going to see Breaking Dawn AGAIN before it leaves theaters (Thursday morning for who's ever interested)

Polar Express Day
Yesterday was the last day of school until January and parent's were invited to participate in the Christmas festivities. Juliana's class watched the Polar Express and enjoyed donut holes and hot chocolate. Oh to be in kindergarten again...

Best buddies at recess

This is Beckett. He LOVES Juliana. He even dropped off a Christmas gift at our house for her. Colored pencils, a rainbow streamer and pez. Getting a little nervous that she already has admirers at 5.

Love Mrs. Henken

Cookie Decorating
It was a day of treats. After school we headed to Grandma's to decorate Christmas cookies with Auntie Jess and Auntie Sarah. This is a tradition that my mom has been doing with us since we were little and now it lives on with my children. She makes my Grandma's molasses cookie recipe in fun festive shapes and we frost and sprinkle and savor every bite.

One of the best things is that everyone gets their own frosting and knife so tasting is 100% allowed

She's on the move...

And just for fun...here's what an evening in our house might look like. What can I say?? They love to use their imaginations...
Not sure how the bathing suit ties in with what she's doing

Gotta love the train whistle Trent got from a friend :)

Have a very blessed and Merry Christmas!! Love to you all.

P.S. We're visiting Santa today...so their MIGHT be an afternoon post :)


  1. Hello! I have missed Friday Confessions! By the way, when i saw that picture of the pink frosting it looked like whipped Salmon to me. Thats what I thought it was - weird right?
    Okay... here's mine

    1. I have to also admit that I stalk people through Jake's facebook. I go on his account way more than he does. He probably looks at it for 5 minutes once every two months. I, on the other hand, probably go on there to see whats new about 4 - 5 times a week. Its a sickness.

    2. I had 2 dinners last night. I ate cold spaghetti and meatballs before Jake got home. Then I went and got some of our favorite chicken from this Mexican hole in the wall place for BOTH of us to eat. I was so full that I then had to eat dessert to make myself feel better - This is my prep for Cabo... Awesome right?

    3. I haven't really gotten into the Christmas spirit this year. I avoid malls like the plague, and I hardly listen to kyxy, I didn't even really want a Christmas tree, and I just don't feel the same enjoyment that I usually do. I wouldn't call myself a Grinch or Scrooge, but I guess I'm kind of numb to it this year.

    4. As you know I have been eating a lot of popcorn. I have to buy a new box every week - thats a lot of popcorn for one person.

    5. I found Cadbury creme eggs at Vons the other night and i bought 4 (buy 2 get 2 free). 2 were supposed to be for me, and 2 for Jake. I had both of mine within 48 hours, Jake ate one, and then that 4th one sat on the counter for 2 days. I couldn't take it anymore, I ate it. Poor Jake.

    6. After watching The Proposal at your house, I was dying to watch it again. My friend was coming over to bake cookies, and I made her bring the movie just so I could watch it - this was the majority of my motivation for having her over. Is it weird to watch the same movie (non-Twilight) more than once in a week when you're 26 years old?

    7. So Jake and I have been living here in this apartment complex for the last 2 years with Millie - our Chihuahua, and we just renewed our lease for another year. She has been staying here "secretly" because we didn't want to pay the pet rent they require. Its not honest, I know, and I have felt guilty about it on several occasions. Just now (literally) a man came and taped a letter on our door that begins with "Dear Resident, It has come to our attention that you now have a pet. Congratulations on your new pet!" It then goes on to say we have to go to the office ASAP and provide documentation that she is vaccinated and put down a deposit for her. Dang it!
    I hope you don't think we're terrible people. I know its not a good thing to do, but she's so small, does she really count as a pet?

    Okay, thats all for this week. Its awful, I know.

  2. Hello Ladies. Merry Christmas and Happy Friday confessions!

    I want some of those yummy cookies you all decorated...they are my fave!

    OK, here goes...

    1. I fed Savannah a whole bag of jumbo M&M's a couple of days ago, one at a time. I did this so she would sit still and quiet while I was on a conference call for work. I will be accepting votes for Mother of the Year...

    2. I have been doing pretty good with the holiday season. We have a tree and my kids even have Christmas outfits and gifts under the tree. But, I had one moment of complete melt down while searching for the perfect gift for my mom. Let's just say it resulted in ugly crying, in a heap on the floor and Alanah asking a stranger for Kleenex. Again, can I get a shout out for Mother of the Year??

    3. There is one particularly mean girl at work. During the white elephant gift exchange, I made it a point to trade the coveted Bailey's gift from her and stick her with the ugly tree ornament that I chose. I didn't feel a minute of guilt.

    4. Same mean girl, different day. She commented on how good my hair looked that day. I said "I didn't even wash it this morning..it was a get up and go kind of day"... reality is I had it blown at a salon on my lunch break for a Christmas party we were going to. Classy, huh?

    5. I locked my bathroom door and said I had a stomach ache the other night. Really, I was trying to finish a book I was reading and just couldn't handle being interrupted for the 10 thousandth time.

    There you have it. Hopefully you all still love me after those confessions cause I love you all to the moon! Merry Christmas.

  3. Oh Girls!! You make me so happy. I was literally laughing out loud at some of these. Sarah, don't feel guilty about Milly, in Jake's eyes she's practically a human being, not a pet. Cara, LOVE your mean co-worker confessions!! Totally justified :)