oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Weekending. Sounds glamorous doesn't it? Sleeping in, good breakfast, perhaps a dinner party or two. We are NOT glamorous people, but we do know how to do a weekend right. Or maybe we just know how to be lazy and show up when people are offering to feed us...either way we had a good weekend.

We celebrated Sarah. Not only can I call her sister and best friend, I can now call her nurse. She graduated her nursing school this past weekend and found out she landed a job. Go Sarah!!

Kiddos "helped" Daddy finally hang our lights.

Gotta love having a daddy that doesn't need a ladder

Later Sunday afternoon we headed over to Grammy and Grandpa's for dinner and the Charger game. I somewhat made-up my own soup recipe and it was a hit so I'll share at the end of this post. The kids LOVE hanging out with Aunt Kelsey and Uncle Garret. Aunt Kelsey has tons of energy to play hide-and-seek and duck, duck, goose. Uncle Garret has tons of patience to do puzzles and read books. Praise the Lord for fun aunts and uncles.

"the planet is broken! the planet is broken!" Trent stood in the hallway proclaiming this over and over after someone (cough Kelsey) pushed Grammy's swivel chair and my children into the globe. What are aunts for?? No one was harmed and everyone got a good laugh.

December is flying by but there's still a lot of celebrating to do. A trip to Candy Cane Lane tonight and lots of fun family stuff coming up. I'm feeling the need for a cup of tea...is it just me or has San Diego been especially chilly this December?? Love the cozy feel it brings, perfect soup weather...

My own version of Norte's/Fidel's soup:

box of chicken broth (I used Trader Joe's, shocker)
2 jars of salsa verde (again Trader Joe's)
one onion chopped (or use the bag of chopped onions at Trader Joe's)
rotisserie chicken shredded (I used a plain one from Sprout's)
bunch of cilantro, chopped

*throw in a crockpot and let simmer

Serve with preferred cheese, avocado and tortilla chips. Yummy!!


  1. I of course LOVE this post because its about me being done with school!!! Yaaay! And thank you so much for coming to my surprise dinner party! I had a wonderful time and do not feel worthy of so much love and excitement. I'm so glad all my nieces and nephew get along so well. There's nothing like chasing one another up and down a long hallway ;) Also, I had to laugh that Kelsey broke the globe because she was rough housing with the kids. Nice one Kelsey! Great pictures as usual and I love you! I'm glad you have so many names for me now... Sister, friend, nurse - well, almost nurse. Looking forward to Christmas with you this weekend!

  2. And, I want to try this chicken soup recipe. I will let you know how it goes!

  3. Can't go wrong with the old school lights, Jake, Mark and I will be by to critique...Dad