oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Home again, home again.  We are back. We had a wonderful time, but already the Cabo sunset feels like a distant dream. We had a joyous reunion with the kids and a not so joyous reunion with the ants that had taken up residence in our home during our absence. I'm inundated with mail and laundry all while playing referee, cook and maid. It's good to be back.

Rainy San Diego the morning we left, the shade on my fingernails is called Second Honeymoon...how fitting :)

We're on our way!

First class baby!!

check out all my leg room

Mr. Handsome Pants that got us upgraded

View from the lobby of our hotel

Sharing our first (of many) margaritas at Mi Casa

ridiculously yummy cheese (you all know I love cheese.)

good friends Lisa and Sam

Honey's lobster dinner

View from our room...not too shabby

Breakfast in bed

don't ask...

"no-name" roll, our favorite

lunch at "The Office"

Love him

I'm at a loss for words right now.  I have little bodies on either side of me making it difficult to type. Our time in Cabo was perfect (even though my stomach made it's aversion to Mexican food very clear this trip). We slept in, lounged, people watched and remembered what it feels like to just be us. Second Honeymoon indeed (only this time I didn't erase the pictures, thank God.)


  1. Very cute! This makes me excited for our trip to Cancun next month!!! Wooohooo! Also, I'm going to ask... even though you said not to. What is that picture of you looking too fabulous in your bikini? Overall, looks like an awesome trip. Unfortunately, all good things, and vacations, must come to an end. I'm sure you had quite the welcome home with those three little ones waiting for you! Glad your back in California! See you soon :)

  2. Oh the joy of vacations, get aways, and date nights.. but all these times of relaxation, rest, and lounging come with a price called "reality". But it is all of this-the times away and the day in and day out of it all- that makes life so much fuller! Would not appreciate the greatness of the get away without the precious greetings of the coming home. So glad you treasure both.
    Grandma will be ready to post her guest blog soon :)