oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Precious Moments

As if Drake being gone for a week isn't torture enough I decided that I needed to really test my thresh hold and take all the kids shopping for their Christmas outfits. Fortunately Gymboree has the mama's back and has a T.V. and chairs in store. While I pieced through all the post Black Friday leftovers the kids were pretty content. However, we had to go elsewhere for the girl's tights...who's that child climbing the ladder in the window display of Children's Place?? Oh, that would be Trent. Where is his mother? Oh, she's rifling through the tights like crazy person with a baby sidled on her hip who's frantically trying to grab what she can from the nearby jewelry rack. Sound like fun??

Thankfully we have Juliana. The responsible older sister in this equation who tells crazy mom what little brother is up to. Tights were purchase and no one was harmed, but then it happened. A moment that made said crazy mom who just seconds before was practically growling commands at her children fight back tears. They heard the jingle bells announcing Santa's arrival. He was right below them on the first floor walking to his chair and shouting "ho, ho, ho". "Trent can you see him?" "I can see him Juliana!" "it's Santa, it's Santa".

Watching the wonderment through their little eyes was magical. It took me back. While the tedium of Christmas outfits, perfect gifts, and sorting where we'll be at what time on Christmas day can sometimes bog me down this moment reminded me that they're still little. What they care about is what I should care about. The little moments in the Christmas season that excite them. Grandma's plastic nativity that's not off limits, that's put out just for them. Hot chocolate in Christmas mugs. Making a new ornament everyday using household items (Juliana used a coffee filter and straws to make a manger, love her). Christmas lights. Their advent calendars.

After all, what do perfect Christmas outfits have to do with the true meaning of Christmas? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Our sweet perfect Redeemer coming to earth to show us the way to the Father. He lived a sinless life demonstrating love, peace, grace, mercy, patience and kindness. The emphasis to my children should be on this and why we celebrate it. The emphasis should be on showing them these traits so they will know how to live them out. Crazy growling mom...not so much. Patient loving mom who lets them watch Santa till he sits down and puts his hat on...that's more like it.

That's all for now folks. In less than 10 hours I will be leaving for the airport. Just the big guy and I in Cabo till Friday. Looking forward to some R&R and yummy Mexican food. Pray for Grandma everyone and have a great week!

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