oh honey

oh honey
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Photo Dump

Hello! I have so much to say I don't know where to begin. We had a beautiful Christmas. Filled with just enough down time and just enough family gatherings to make it perfect, memorable.

Four generations

Thanks Uncle Garret

Grammy made Jules and Kit matching outfits

love chubby baby legs

Never have I been so captivated by the beauty of what took place that first Christmas as I was this year. Having now given birth three times, I thought most about Mary this Christmas. Yes, I've done the homebirth. Nowadays that is so primal compared to the sterile medical procedure that is associated with giving birth. Mary gave birth to our risen Savior in a barn. Yes, he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, but at that moment He was just her baby. She loved Him the way that I love my babies. This Christmas my heart ached for the young girl who no doubt writhed in pain amongst the muck of animals so that she could give birth to a baby that would bear the sins of the world.

I feel we have romanticized the nativity and the cross. Both are messy and painful, but isn't that part of the gospel right there? Why we needed a Savior to begin with. Life is messy and painful. Jesus took on flesh. He endured the good, the bad and the ugly to show us the way. He modeled a sinless life to give us hope. To show us that we can put our own wretchedness to death through the power of His resurrection. Praise the Lord for his abundant grace and praise the Lord for that young girl who was obedient to God's will for her life. Who birthed, nursed and nurtured our Messiah. Merry Christmas!!

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