oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Sometimes I get down on myself for being such an "at home mom". What I mean by that is that in a world of "go, go, go, do, do, do" I'm certainly not the mom who's checking out new parks, hitting up Legoland or researching what activities the local library is hosting. For the most part we stay at home. Our backyard and walks to kindergarten suffice for outdoor time and I'm always game for art projects and crafts (paper towel roll + two paper plates + glitter glue = butterfly) in the dining room. I bake with the kids (that's math right?) and we frequently munch popcorn and sip hot chocolate together. However, on Tuesday we ventured out, WAY out of our usual radius (Poway) to check out a neighborhood that goes all out on holiday cheer.

We went with some dear friends and the kids had a blast!

Can I get an Amen?!

Sweet little beauty didn't know what to think

Photo opp...?

Merry Christmas!! Love The Kellas'

Not to be over shadowed, Samantha is now 11 months. How did that happen?? Sister is not only a bit of a drama queen, she's embracing the role of pesty little sister. Trent seems to be the target when he's eating or playing with Legos and Juliana is the target whenever she's doing one of her MANY art projects. Nevertheless, Sammy girl continues to delight us with her determination and strong opinions :)

Sweet little face, love her chubby cheeks and little lips

This view is coming to an end. Sister started walking...I'm gonna miss hearing those hands slap the ground and seeing her little diaper rump from this angle. BTW,  I wanna eat her toes, so cute!

Happy Wednesday (night)...only three full shopping days left till Christmas, are you done yet??


  1. So cute :) And there is no shame in hanging out at home. I love being at home! I know that Trent is a "mini-drake" but for some reason he is resembling Jake (to me) in these photos. Also, wow! 11 months old! She has grown so fast! I can hardly believe is been almost a year since we were all congregated in your bedroom to watch her join us in this crazy world! As sad as it is that she is growing so fast, I truly enjoy seeing all three of your kids grow and learn and become who God intends them to be. I am so grateful I get to watch all of my adorable nieces and nephew grow. Soon there will be one more to watch and adore :)

  2. Very fun! So glad you could fit in a trip to Candy Cane Ct. So much fun for the littles. Yes she is quite the "walker" these days. Little sis is a busy girl.
    We'll have to start thinking about her first birthday cake so grandma can prepare. For me there is always plenty to do at home so I'm with you on that one!