oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Rinse and Repeat

Not gonna lie folks, these summer posts might start to get a little repetitive.  We wake up, suit up, rinse and repeat.

The few morning hours may vary a bit. Like Sunday we went to Grandma and Papa's church to watch cousin Luke be dedicated.

{Juliana was quite the photographer/videographer for the blessed event}

Following church we lunched by the fountain outside of Naked Cafe and then all met up at the Carlsbad Inn for some family pool time. Suit up!

 {floaties might be the best thing that's happened to our family}

I must say, Daddy/Uncle Drake was quite the hit in the water.

Baby boy even busted out his suit...don't you just want to eat him??

While I don't have many words (which might be hard to believe if you know me), my heart is so full. We capped off the night with a slider bar at my parent's and an anxiety filled viewing of watching the stupid brave man who crossed the Grand Canyon on a tight rope as a family. 

June gloom has been virtually non-existent this year and we have been soaking up as much sunshine as possible. The older kids are in VBS this week and after I picked them up today we met my brother and sister-in-law back at the pool with some good friends in tow. 

Swim suits and towels are draped over patio furniture to dry. Tan lines are emerging and hair is lightening. Appetites are growing and sleep is deep. Rinse and repeat. Summer is here. We are embracing it.


  1. Love all my little water babies..So good to see all the family fun.
    Soon grandma will be joining in.
    xxxooo mom/grandma

  2. Love this... it could have been titled "Lather, Rinse, Repeat" seeing how you lather your children in sunscreen, but the title you have is also true. Love this post and seeing Luke in his reusable swim diaper... aka, his speedo. I personally think its cuter all by itself than when I put the trunks on as well, but I'm sure one day he will tell me I should have just put him in trunks. (Unless he's like his dad and thinks speedos and short shorts are the greatest invention and should always be worn). Love that last pic of you and Sammy girl. It was so fun to see Drake and the kiddos in the pool. He was definitely a hit! Emily was so cute with him on Sunday I could barely take my eyes off of her getting in and out of the pool - Mango from auntie lisa, then swim with uncle drake. So sweet. My favorite moment however was watching Trent try to blow up his own water wing while it was still on his arm. Priceless. xoxo