oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Luke Love

We are all smitten with our newest addition. I can safely say at this point that I have the cutest nephew. Ever.

I mean, seriously?

{ignore the girl towel}

Sammy girl smothers adores him too.

That's all, just had to brag a bit about how cute he is and how we are so blessed to live close and watch him grow. Love you so much little man!!!!


  1. He is so precious. Love these pics. We are blessed to live so close to one another and that we love each other too!
    Thanks for posting this :)
    Sammy loves her some baby!!

    Good stuff..

  2. And what a blessed little man he is to have all his family so close by! Now you know how I've felt for all these years. Having the privilege to be close to all my nieces and nephew has been the best! Watching them grow and being in awe of their cuteness is the best. Love this post, its adorable :) Cute cute boy I have!

    1. ��Such a cutie! His smile sure is contagious!