oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Monday, June 17, 2013


Lots and lots and lots of celebrating took place last week. Birthday, last day of school, first weekend of summer...all were wonderful...

 {grandma and her babes}

{sunday dinner and celebrating Jules...guess who designed the cake?}

 {last day of school}


 {class pizza party and ice cream sundaes}

{we will miss Mrs. Kramer}

 {let's party}

{decorate your own flip flops}

 {sweet treats}

 {edible masterpiece}


 {inside the bounce house}

 {gettin' pretty}

 {beautiful birthday girl}

 {father's day gift}

 {backyard love}

 {i spy with my little eye something in the sky}

 {marshmallow roastin' with daddy}

 {little sister revenge}

{daddy's day: cheeeeeeese}


  1. I think celebrating all kinds of things is so important. Celebration is not only fun and gives a good excuse to have yummy food, but it also reminds of all the innumerable blessings the Lord gives us. Love these pictures and BOTH cakes! Grandma's has her special touch and I love that Jules is obsessed with rainbows and peace signs. Two beautiful things. And that other cake is so beautiful, I love that it fades from pink to orange! And happy Fathers Day grill to Drake! I can't wait to enjoy some Kellas BBQ!

  2. Thanks for sharing these special moments- love & pure joy for what the Lord has blessed you with are evident in each picture and phrase. ��