oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our Week (so far)

Carlsbad is a pretty cool place to live. I have a heightened awareness of how cool our town is as the summer months draw close and tease us with brilliant sunshine and perfect temperatures. School will be out next week and first grade will be a memory. While still savoring the last moments of first grade we are also flirting with summer activities. This week was a combination of both.

Last Daisy troop meeting and "bridging" ceremony on Monday.

Tuesday graced us with beach weather, so straight after school pick-up we headed down and stayed till dusk. Glorious.

Wednesday was a little more low key with a play date in the morning and a visit from this little guy in the afternoon.

Can't leave out the Sammy girl shenanigans...

All of this brings us to Thursday. Cleaning, errands and a quick stop in the Village for a coffee and a few penny tosses into the fountain.

In less than an hour Grandma will be picking up all three to go to Chick-fil-A and a potential spend the night for those that are interested. Fingers crossed Samantha will be interested...I'm anticipating an early sushi dinner with my Honey and a few Office re-runs on our new couch. Praying you are all having a blessed week! xoxo~L


  1. I have to say, I am IMPRESSED by your blog posting frequency. It makes me so happy! #1 Don't you think that new rainbow tiger mural is cool? I really like it. #2 I'm obsessed with Sammy's shorts that she wore today. #3 Lookin good mama, love those pics of you and the kiddos at the beach. So are you not going to go for the bandeau top? I see you're wearing the cute bottoms, but no top? Either way, you look great :)

  2. What fun to view the 3rd (from my family) 4th (from dad's family) generation of kids enjoying the beach and this area. Some of my best childhood/parenting memories are from that same stretch of beach. Samantha with her hands on her hips (there's one in a previous post too) that is such a papa thing :) Many good times ahead..

  3. I love that you are capturing all of these sweet moments in your blog.Seriously, Jaxon is totally rockin' the muscle man tank! :)thanks for updating me on your life; wouldn't want to miss a moment! Love all of you!