oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Lovin'

Summer is off to a great start.

Can't complain.

Monday we hit up the beach and Tuesday the fair. Juliana was supposed to be dancing...I messed up the time and we completely missed her performance. Good thing she's resilient and forgiving and can be won over with rides and cotton candy...

{mama rode the log ride with them, we were pretty wet}

{"das a big pig"}

 {baby's first time to the fair}


{Relm with one of my favorites}

Today was a low key pool day at Grammy's with friends.

Anticipating more great days ahead. 


  1. What a great start to summer! Remember to save a few fun ideas for later as summer continues into August.. Although I don't think the beach or pool ever gets old. Looks like you took lemons(missed dance) and made some delicious lemonade(fair fun). Moms make mistakes, even children need to know this and learn forgiveness. So glad you could still enjoy the day. That first pic of Sammy is too much for words.. LOVE IT!!
    This post put me in a summer time mood. :)
    xxxooo mom/grandma

    1. I love that pic of sammy too! Model baby!

  2. BTW....isn't Luke one of the most easy babies you have seen. He just goes with the flow and laughs and coos. Oh my I'm so in love.
    xxxooo grandma

  3. Two hours at the fair and a pig big is satisfying enough for a few years. It was a fun day despite the mix up. Jules is such a good sport. Someday I will see her dance at the fair! Luke and I had a great time and enjoyed the sunshine. Ahhh, sunshine, thank you for keeping away the June gloom. Summer is here!!!!

  4. Enjoying summertime fun and memoies through your blog; thanks Peg!