oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, January 31, 2013


We celebrated our little one last weekend with a small gathering at our house. Family and a few close friends was all. Pizza from our favorite place and a homemade Grandma cake. Pink flowers and princess crowns to garnish, but mostly we just enjoyed the fellowship of the ones that love her.

These days the celebrating doesn't just stop at milestones for me. I'm finding that time seems to be speeding up and I'm helpless to prevent it. Therefore, I'm heeding the call the Lord has impressed on my heart to celebrate life's smaller events. Ones that typically don't merit a celebration so to speak, but ones that I will celebrate with my family and express to them the importance of gratitude.

For instance, beautiful weather in January. We celebrate by painting in the backyard.

Healthy bodies and fresh air. We celebrate with a walk down to Grandma's for family dinner.

Great friends and leftovers from Auntie Sarah's baby shower. We celebrate with an impromptu tea party after school.

Currently my little two are in the backyard playing in the mud. Samantha still has footie pajamas on and yes they are dirty, but guess what? I have a washing machine. Like most I struggle to find the balance between discipline and order while still allowing them to be little. I want our home to be a source of enjoyment for them with rich happy memories,  memories that aren't plagued with a rigidness that put them on edge. I'm still praying the Lord would give me wisdom in finding the balance, but for now I'm enjoying their chatter as they make mud pies.

This weekend we continue you on in celebration.Three birthdays, Super Bowl and hopefully something special for my rockstar husband who just closed a big deal for work {I'm SO proud of him}. Praying you all have something to celebrate right now, big or small :).


  1. Where did you get that adorable polka dot tea set? You have inspired me to not buy anything (much) for a year, so maybe I'll have to put that on my birthday wish list!

  2. the tea set was a gift to Juliana from Grammy this past Christmas, it is from The Grand Tea Room in Escondido :)

  3. Love this post! Celebrate! xxxooo~mom