oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Tonight a special request was made in our house. "I just wanna sleep close to my stisters". Yes, he says "stisters".

Daddy gone and cold weather seems to make us all huddle closer. Rather than her usual steamy shower, Juliana opted to hop in the tub with the younger two tonight. They all three sat crammed in the tub till the water turned cold and even then begged me for five more minutes. A precious tidbit from our day that I want to remember.

Samantha's favorite book is Rainbow Rob, a story about a penguin who wonders what it would be like to be a different color. It was a gift from Uncle Jake and Auntie Sarah to Juliana on her third birthday. Each page provides a new tactile experience. "touch it mama" she'll say. And so I do.

We read it over and over. Tidbits...

Legos are a new favorite in our house. Whether in piles on Trent's floor or camouflaged in fruit bowls, they are everywhere. Tidbits.

Our afternoon stroll to pick-up Jules lulled the little ones to sleep. As the Lord would have it I had picked up a special treat today and got to enjoy it with just my big girl. Un-interrupted time with her, conversation about her day over hot chocolate and a cupcake. Tidbits.

Our day, it was far from perfect. We were running behind this morning, there may have been a meltdown over lego pieces not going together, little sister threw more than one tantrum over who knows what. There were homework frustrations, unexpected messes, I even got stung by a bee on my run. Life is not all cupcakes and snuggles over here, but there are so many moments, tidbits in our day that I don't want going unnoticed. I don't want to be the mom that is so fixated on just getting through that I miss the exquisite joy that is mine to be had.

Speaking of which...I have avoided telling my true "new year's resolution" here on the blog. I am scared of the accountability it brings to write something down for others to see, but here it is. I have resolved to not shop for a year. Food, yes. Clothes, no. Toilet paper, yes. Household decor, no. I want the discipline of deferred gratification and the freedom from stuff. Just like I don't want to be the mom fixated on getting through, I also don't want to be the mom fixated on making sure their daughter has the perfect pajama's to wear to a gingerbread house party. Or the mom fixated on my house perfectly curtained and accented. Not. Worth. It.

The Lord promises to provide us our daily bread. He tells us how He cares for the birds in the air and the flowers in the fields. I trust that He will meet all our needs without me "helping" Him out at the BabyGap or Nordstrom. My desire is to be the mom fixated on shepherding her children's hearts. Modeling contentment for them and feeding their appetites for security and Biblical truth rather than materialism. I want to be the wife who's husband's heart safely trusts in her while he's out working hard.

So there it is. Should you happen to see me in a new outfit, smack me. If you spy a new throw pillow on my couch, throw it at me. All jokes aside I am committed to "keeping the budget lean in 2013". Anyone else up for the challenge??

Besides, I am rich in tidbits...

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  1. Count me in~"keeping the budget lean in 2013"! I'm looking forward to the freedom this will bring. The more you own the more that owns you...
    I have a memory full of "tidbits" and still collecting more. Love this post and of course I love you!
    xxxooo mom/grandma