oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Confessions

1. This week has been a total bust in eating healthy. Need an example?  Last night for dinner I ate a chocolate covered caramel pecan bar from the Elizabethan Bakery. Drake had a board meeting and I've been cooped up in the house with mildly sick kids all week so I felt completely justified. I will admit I should NOT have eaten the whole thing, there was a consequence to that.

2. I have been doing really well on the whole no shopping thing, however, I did purchase Samantha a couple pairs of shoes. In my defense,  the child's foot is shaped like a rectangle and the shoes at the second hand store I was looking at just weren't going to cut it.

3. I watch The Bachelor and I enjoy it.

4. I was highly emotional on Samantha's birthday and cried while watching Modern Family. Yes, there was a birth, but watching Phil's protective nature of his adult daughter is what really got to me.

5. My face is breaking out and I'm a little more filled out than normal after the holidays. I have no motivation to exercise or eat healthy (see #1)...maybe the stomach flu will strike and take care of it for me. Kidding, kind of. Maybe if just I got it...for like a day...on a Saturday...when Drake is home...and NO ONE ELSE in the family got it...nope, still wouldn't be worth it. Guess I'm just gonna have to move my booty and stop frequenting bakeries. Lord help me, I used to care more.

Someone please help me feel better about myself, my emotional, bachelor lovin', muffin top self.
Happy long weekend!


  1. Confessions, Its been a long time since I've posted confessions... I'm a bit out of practice!

    1. Ive been feeling bummed out and sort of sorry for myself lately since there are some things that just aren't working out the way I thought they would. I need to shape up and just accept all these circumstances and be grateful for all the wonderful things that are happening :)

    2. I am really looking forward to moving! But even though I thought we were getting our keys today, I'm glad that I don't have to move this weekend. I'm tired!

    3. Again, (re: #2) I'm so tired! I have very little motivation to do anything these days!

    4. I'm really bummed out that I can't go through all the baby stuff from the shower on Saturday. I'm dying to get little guy's stuff all set and feel like I'm somewhat prepared for him to get here... I mean, he's due to be here in less than 7 weeks now and everything is packed away!

    5. I have literally been asked to work for time and a half every night I've been off over the last two weeks. I haven't said yes once. Obviously an extra shift at time and a half would be really helpful right now with the move etc... but again (re: #2) I'm tired! I almost thought about it last night and then I realized that would give me 4 nights in a row... I can't imagine the exhaustion!

    Well, I think thats all I've got for now :) Beth, I'm looking forward to yours - as always :)))

  2. I hereby confess:

    1. That there has been a high level of chocolate consumption going on this week while I’m at the office; curses to the See’s chocolate balls Santa brought at Christmas. I ate so many of those %$^&# chocolates yesterday that I gave myself a headache and a tummyache. Blergh.
    2. That I wore the same pair of black pants to work 3 days last week. That’s 3 days out of 5.
    3. That I also only washed my hair 3 days out of 5 last week. I paint a pretty picture, don’t I?
    4. That I was too embarrassed to return a pile of old (like… we’re talking… May 2012) “returns” to a certain clothing store, so I packaged them up and MAILED them back to the store. What a wimp.
    5. That all I want to do by the time 8 p.m. rolls around every night … is go to bed. Sleep. Every night. I just want to sleep. What is wrong with me?!
    6. That I still miss my favorite movie couple, Edward and Bella. Together nevermore on the big screen. That makes me sad. Yah I’m a dork. Once a Twi-hard, always a Twi-hard.

    Andddddd.... while I don't think that helps you out at all Lisa, it sure made me feel better. :-) Glad I'm not the only one still enjoying treats in January. :-)