oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Confessions

1. While reading Bob Harper's The Skinny Rules last night I was downing the last of the Christmas MM's. Who doesn't enjoy a snack while they're reading?

2. We (I) took down Samantha's crib and I am sad. I am sad I'm not getting as much sleep and I am sad I don't have a place to contain her for time-outs.

3. This week I didn't shower from Monday till Thursday and never changed out of the yoga pants I was wearing. Gross? Yes.

4. I have a hard time not laughing when I'm disciplining my kids sometimes.

5. The park is not my favorite. My youngest is not at an age where I can "park" my rear on a bench and just observe. No, I must follow her everywhere all while keeping tabs on the other two. I kind of avoid going to the park. With that being said, we went yesterday per the request of Juliana. I'm so glad we did...

{i was cold, but sister loves her shorts and tanks}

 {they love finding "treasure" buried in the sand}

{I told her that I liked to balance on this curb when I was little, she's determined to conquer it}


  1. Oh yes it is time to confess...here goes!
    1. Those dark chocolate salted almonds from TJ's cannot be in my house or I will eat them all in one day.
    2. I have enjoyed not having to be anywhere at any particular time for the past few weeks other than being here for family events. It is going to be hard to be up and dressed and out the door/at work by 7:30am on Tuesday. I will practice on Monday :)
    3. We are flying to Boise in a few weeks, this morning the temp there was 7* and then the high for the day was 19*. What was I thinking!!
    4. I need to get back in workout routine. It has been very hit or miss~mostly miss.
    This is it for now although I'm sure there are many more confessions I just can't think of right now as I have been in vacation mode in my brain as well as my life.

  2. Happy New Year! Here goes:

    1. I watch The Notebook just for the parts with Ryan Gosling. I don’t like the old-people part. I know, harsh but true. (Thanks Lisa for the suggestion on this one)
    2. I packed on some Holiday Fluff. I am slowly stepping away from the delightful coffee beverages with whip (I’m looking at you, Starbucks Grande Non-Fat 3-pump Peppermint Mocha with Whip).
    3. I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t like them.
    4. I reluctantly took down my 2012 Breaking Dawn calendar. But I certainly am not throwing it away. I like to refer back to the pictures....sigh.
    5. Just so I could list 5 confessions instead of 4, I’m going to restate #1 in a more general term; I watch The Notebook for the Ryan Gosling Parts. Yes. I said that.

  3. Oh and one more....
    I cannot keep the following things in the house:
    1. Oreos
    2. Cheez-its
    3. Trader Joe's Temptations trail mix

  4. UPDATE** I was not up and ready to do anything except have a cup of tea at 7:30am. I'm in big trouble tomorrow, I'm sure I will be dragging..