oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Monday, January 30, 2012

True Dat!!

Happy Monday! Per the request of a few of you...

Smiling Lisa in her new glasses

Now that we've gotten that out of the way let's chat. I ended last week excited about my date night with the Honey. We had a great time. Indigo Grill is delicious and I highly recommend it. The only hitch was that Drake's flight was running late, but the Coaster was not. I had to wait at the train station for a bit...the train station after dark is a bit creepy...I tried to blend, look like I belonged, but I'm a North County girl...not sure I was successful at the blending...

I blend right?

Nevertheless I made it out. What can I say? I'm a survivor. We toasted to him making it home and my bravery at the train station.

After dining on an assortment of amazingness including coconut creme' brulee, we were ready to start our 80 degree weekend, kid style. Beginning with family breakfast.

Remember I took the Coaster? My car was still at the Coaster station. Remember it was 80 degrees? I had the brilliant idea of running an extra long route to go pick up my car. Eight and half miles folks. It's been a while since I've made this kind of trek and I wanted to show myself I could still do it. In the middle of the day. When it's 80 degrees. Somewhere between miles 5 and 6 I was wondering "what the bleep was I thinking?" (as I'm sure you are), but then I got here.

The breeze picked up and the sight of all the other Carlsbad residents enjoying our beautiful weather was invigorating. I did make it to my car, remember I'm a survivor.

The rest of our afternoon was spent roaming the Farmer's Market and walking the beach. Who can stay indoors when it's so beautiful outside?

Sampling the kettle corn, her favorite!

We feasted on our fresh bounty for dinner Saturday night and agreed we should eat like this every night...

Until Sunday when my mom made fried chicken for my Dad's birthday. Yummy.

Per usual food was good, conversation was rich, and my dad's coconut lemon cake was baked to perfection.

Trent was the official candle blower this year. What's a little spit amongst family?

Next weekend we'll be changing our pace and climate a bit. We're headed to Seattle. Looking to swap  sunshine for drizzle and our quaint little Farmer's Market for Pike's Place. Juliana will get to have her first cousins sleepover and we will get to break bread with family we don't get to see enough. Let's not forget first plane ride as a family of five (thank you Jesus my mom is coming with us). Should be fun!!

For now though...

True dat!

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