oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Monday

Today they painted. They love to paint. I love how excited they get when they paint.

homemade purple

There's always an element of risk involved when I pull out the paint...

Samantha might decide the color red looks like the perfect afternoon snack.

The kids bathroom might end up looking like a crime scene.

 And then of course there's the innate desire to display all of their creations all over the house.

It's all worth it though to see their little brains at work creating. After everyone was cleaned up and they had had dinner, they did something else I love watching. They played house. Tonight Juliana was the mom, not the cat or household butterfly like in times past (seriously she runs around with a straw in her mouth because they suck nectar with their tongues while flailing her arms like wings). When she's the mom she always puts on a pair of my shoes.

If you're interested in a lengthy story, ask her what happened to her knee 

Trent was promoted to the dad role tonight...quite the upgrade from the family triceratop that he was last time. Sammy as always was the baby sister. Tonight they tried leaving her with a babysitter, but she kept escaping.

So they called it a night and decided to go home.

Please note the "daddy" shoes, love.
One of my greatest joys is not only watching them play together, but watching their imaginations soar. I  love that they play uninhibited. Still untainted by the world's criticism they are free to play house as a butterfly sister and triceratop brother or emulate mom and dad. In today's world innocence has a minimal shelf life for most children, my prayer is that I can preserve my children's for as long as possible.

Lastly, Uncle Mark might need to consider coaching girls, the baby sister already gets it.


  1. Wait, that's what we're missing at our house; the household butterfly and the family triceratops. Do they carry those at Pet Smart?

    Cuuutteee kiddos!! I love Sammy's shoes!

  2. I love the little painted lady bathtub pic :) So cute Sammy Lou! And yes, Jules totally looks like Elliot in that pic of her in your shoes in the hall. Its a good look to have, I think Elliot is beautiful. Also, I love that she is still wearing those green soccer shorts. I should find her some new ones. Though, I'm sure she'd still squeeze her little booty into those green ones anyway. And why have I never seen those shoes? Are they new? Very sexy ;). Love the finger painting, YOU are a fabulous mommy and friend and sister.