oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Confessions

Okay ladies (and Drake and Dad) this is a first ever, I'm blogging from my iPhone while nursing in the parking lot of Trader Joe's. I'm SO chic (not!)

First, I must confess I found this utterly ridiculous...
Outside of Anthropologie this morning Stroller Strides was doing their leg exercises on the fountain (photo to come). Ladies, certainly there's a park nearby you could do this. Oh and let's not act so bothered by the three men gawking at you. If you're going to wear spandex and do leg lifts on a fountain in front of Anthro people will stare.

Second, you already know about the See's so we can move on.

Third, you might be wondering what I was doing outside of Anthropologie...well I was satisfying the last of my wants from lululemon. Now I'm good and won't be "needing" anything else for a VERY long time (oh Honey!)

That's all for now, can't wait to hear your confessions, Happy Weekend!!!


  1. Oh boy, confessions!

    1. I have been eating so poorly this week; worse than the week between Christmas and NY when its expected to eat poorly (I was off work and we rarely have anything exciting to eat at home)... everyone has brought all their crap into the office to "get rid of it." And so I have been indulging. Ugh. Must.Stop.Eating.

    2. Michael asked for Daddy to put him to bed instead of Mommy one night this past week, and I was secretly delighted in my sudden 45+ minutes of freedom that evening. Michael and I typically have this elaborate and time-consuming bedtime routine which normally involves me falling sound asleep in his bed after stories and snuggle-time, then rousting myself to stumble to the bedroom where then I lay awake with insomnia for an hour. Instead, I got to read a magazine and enjoy some quiet time on my own. Delightful.

    3. I have spent a little too much time deliberating the Breaking Dawn DVD/Blu-Ray release (FEBRUARY 11!!!!) and trying to decide which version I want to buy - Walmart's Exclusive "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Bella's Wedding Dress Edition)(With Fabric Poster)" or Target's Exclusive, limited-edition DVD/Blu-ray with authentic prop
    flowers from the movie set encased in a collectable keepsake. I am not a Walmart fan so probably will go with Target by default.

    Authentic Prop Flowers!!! I don't even know what that means but.... I shall have them.

    OK can't wait to read more posts! Its not just me eating bad this week, is it?

  2. Well here goes....

    1. Last Saturday while we were away at our river home..I READ AN ENTIRE BOOK FOR ENJOYMENT!!! Now mind you it was a Nicolas Sparks book(easy reading) but I have not read a non fiction book in a loooooong time. It was marvelous. What was my man doing during this time--major construction work on our river house! I did keep his water cup full and even prepared a snack for him.

    2. Last night we went to dinner (at Seau's) and to an Aztec basketball game. In December we went to a Charger game. We use to attend these types of events on a pretty regular basis but it has been years since then. I have to admit it's alot of fun. Perhaps a Padre game is in my future!!

    3. I too need to purge myself of all the Christmas/New Years "special food". I don't want to get into New Years resolutions let just say there are some things that NEED to happen.

    4. Beth and Cara I am truly sorry I never got the molasses cookies to you during the holidays. I will be making them for our next "girls/movie night". I have not forgotten you.

    This is all for now! Must go eat some salad and fruit!!LOL

  3. beth~ you get the Target edition so we can see what "prop flower" are and I'll get the Wal-Mart edition we can watch the wedding dress exclusive and I can replace the poster in my laundry room with this fabric one you write about.

    mom~speaking of movie nights, if jess isn't in labor, are you up for watching The Help on the 20th??

  4. Okay first off, Beth - you, by far, win funniest confessions. I LOVE that you are seriously deliberating about which version of Breaking Dawn to get. I didn't even know there was going to be a difference between what was released at each store. This, if nothing else, is why we are friends. I adore that you not only know about these thing, but how committed you are to caring about them. OKay, now for my confessions.

    1. In spirit of the "holiday eats" that you've all been confessing, I'm pretty sure my eating has not changed throughout all of this season. And this is not to say that I've been good through the holidays, its just to admit that I am continually unaware of what I put in my mouth throughout the day. Remember my previous confession of having "second dinner"? This is not unusual for me. I cannot even imagine who I would be if I actually did care about these things enough to make a change in my life... Needless to say, I join you all in this confession of continuing to eat the holiday goodness past the new year :) AND I enjoy it!

    2. This is obvious: I am leaving for Cancun (yay!) tomorrow morning for an entire week even though (as usual) I should be focused on studying for my very important NCLEX exam that is on January 20. That means I have 2 weeks left to study for this exam and a lot in my life currently hinges upon whether or not I pass it. Also, I should mention that I just began studying for this exam on Tuesday, so I will have a total of about 2.5 weeks of studying for an exam that many do not hesitate to study for 3 months for - That is a little scary, and I feel semi- irresponsible. I count relying on the Lord to help me pass as an excuse to go on my vacation....

    3. I bought Tim Tebow's book today for Jake, but I'm pretty sure its a little for me too - what can I say? Jake's love for him rubs off on me :)

    4. I have recently reignited my passion for reading. I was so BURNED OUT on reading after graduating from college (the first time) that I have read very few novels the past 4.5 years. Now, I am struggling to keep myself away from reading for pleasure because obviously, I have other things to focus on. Why am I so easily distracted?

    5. All week, I have secretly judged a girl (who is my age) in my NCLEX class. I've never seen her before, and she looked very "fashionista". She had a Michael Kors watch and a different Michael Kors purse each day, HIGH heels, fancy sweaters, and literally curled her hair like it was professionally done every day. She also twice wore bright colored skinny pants and coordinated everything about herself with these pants. One day I walked out behind her to find her in a new BMW with a Coach scarf draped around her driver's seat. I nicknamed her "fancy pants" to my friends, and all I could think was... Who are you and what in the world makes you think you need to dress like this for an exam prep class?!?!? To me she looked ridiculous and totally out of context with the rest of us in jeans and work out paraphernalia. I am terrible, and I shouldn't be judgmental of someone who is overdressed in expensive things, but its tough to sit there and not wonder where she gets the money, and whether that perfect hair is all real....

    I think thats it :) Wow those were long explanations. Love you all and I will see you when I get home next Saturday!

  5. Sarah~ I confess, I would have judged her too. I'm hoping that after doing this James study, my spiritual maturity will exceed petty things...I will also confess that part of my judgement in these situations is jealousy that I can't pull it together like that :-) Have the BEST time in Cancun and I would like to borrow the Tebow book when you come home

  6. Lisa - sounds like a deal re: the DVD release - you're on for Wal-Mart and I'll stalk Target.
    :-) We'll have the best of both worlds - fabric poster and movie flowers!

    Sarah - you are amazing and I hope you're having the best time on vacay!

    Julie - i am thrilled about the cookies... those are my absolute favorite. no pressure though. :-)

    Hope we can all hook up for the next Movie Night soon!