oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ebb and Flow

We had a near perfect Saturday. I woke up still basking in the glow of spending Friday night with women I love. Talking girl talk over a new enchilada recipe and watching a movie while nibbling molasses cookies and sipping coffee. I knew we had cinnamon rolls to bake up and I had a date with Juliana planned. It was rainy, which made the cinnamon rolls and coffee seem all the more delicious. In the midst of the Saturday morning chaos Drake and I slow danced to this song in the kitchen. Yep, I was feeling blissfully happy...the "ebb".

Headed to the mall for new tap shoes and a trip to the candy store

mommy/julebug pedicures

There was a break in the rain and those left at the home front were in need of a little fresh air. There's nothing better than the beach post rain, so we headed down.

On our way home we were pleasantly surprised to see the Farmer's Market was set up despite the rain. We stocked up on strawberries and some home made tortilla chips for football watchin' the next day.

am i the only one inspired to eat healthy by these vibrant colors??

The evening went on wonderfully. I was able to look past the messy kitchen and appreciate the home cooked meal and all of us around the table.

please note juliana, she was our evening entertainment

We made my mom's brownies from scratch. One word, divine.

I was still holding my breath that the stomach flu had passed, but as we all know the "flow" must come. The natural flow of life or in this case the flow of vomit, again. We came home from a highly successful morning at church (me wearing make-up, coffee beforehand, arriving on time and Samantha staying in the nursery for both services) and then I heard the familiar words, "mommy, my tummy hurts."

Poor Juliana. I thought she had made it through unscathed. She laid on the couch with a bowl beside her all day, we missed Sunday dinner at my parent's and then early this morning Daddy got sick too. Daddy who had to leave before 5 for the airport and spend all day flying. Daddy who took a sick day when I was sick to take care of the kids was toughing it out on an airplane. Have I mentioned how much we love our daddy? If you think of Drake, pray for him.

Looking forward to a little more "ebb" this week. When all else fails though I have much to fall back on. The good outweighs the bad and the bad makes us stronger. Just ask James, "Consider it pure joy my brothers whenever you face trials of any kind..." I'm loving my study on this book of the Bible by the way and I'm loving all the lovely ladies I'm studying it with...there's some ebb. Here's a little more...

Happy Monday all!


  1. Such a romantic song :) and perfect for a dance. Slow dancing at home is the best. I like it better than anywhere else. I'm loving the pictures of those two big kids at the beach in their rain gear, cuties - I always call them cuties on this blog, but its so true. I'm hopeful that your "flow" has ended with Drake and that the rest of this year is all health for you all! Our flow is in the works, as you of course know. But I have been working hard to keep it minimal - so far, so good. Also, I love Jules' choice of polish, very chic! I wanted to get a pedicure after taking my test on Friday, but (being the classy girl that I am) I have bug bites on my feet from being in the rain in Cancun. And these bites are really hanging on with all their might so that I might never know what its like to not have itching feet. I have now lost the desire to get a pedicure. I do however need a buddy to go use my gift card from xmas, so next time you get one, let me know. Well, my poor sick husband went to bed almost an hour ago and I am up sitting with Millie surfing the internet. I will see you Wednesday (unless the flow hits me). xoxoxo

  2. This flu is BAD!!! I am praying that it goes away for good. Looks like a good weekend other than that yucky flu. Keep washing hands and disinfecting. Maybe you should wear masks :) Hopefully the rest of your week will be healthy! And Drake will come back feeling great. Hang in there.. at least they are getting it one at a time can you imagine everyone at the same time:( Love you

  3. No more Flu!! I am so grateful we have somehow survived the season. Great picts as always - I think I say that about every post. And I am totally copying down that brownie recipe... looks easy enough that even I could do it, now that the molasses cookies are gone (a moment of silence for the molasses cookies please).

    When can we do another movie night? We will have a movie to see after Feb. 10. :-)