oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mama's Got Her Groove Back

Well, kind of. I'm getting there. Juliana was off this week, but everyone else has gone back to their normal routines. Daddy back at work, Trent back at school...did I mention Juliana was still off? Girlfriend runs on a higher fuel than the rest of us. Fortunately I have a mom who runs a preschool and has allowed Juliana to "help" in her old class. Thanks Mom.

Having her home is actually quite helpful. She plays with Trent, helps with Sammy while I switch laundry, take out trash or hide in use the bathroom. Of course I do have carrots I dangle in front of her...

We painted nails after the two little ones went to bed because she helped me clean the bathroom
Mostly though she occupies her time with art projects. I give her magazines, old pictures, scissors, glue, markers and she will create all afternoon.

In other news, we have a new addition to our living room. The swing is a bonus because I can strap Sammy in when big sis isn't around to keep an eye on her.

Please note Sammy is holding her baby, she loves her baby

I have already made a public brag via Facebook, but I will say it here on the blog. My Honey is the BEST Honey EVER!!! Tuesday night he came home with a new iPhone for me and a bag of new workout wear (lululemon). Continuing his streak tonight I got this...

Gifts typically are not my love language, but a girl could get used to this...just sayin'. Love you Honey!

As many of you know it's been unseasonably warm this January. The weather is beautiful, but our house has a tendency to really heat up in the afternoons. Solution: drive thru Starbucks and Grandma's house

Grandma is such a good sport about our "pop-ins", especially when we bring peace offerings.

 I started my new Bible study this week and it's already rocking my world. I'm gearing up emotionally for my baby to turn one this month. I started out this week thinking I would avoid sugar and just today I've eaten a giant chocolate chip cookie and half a box of See's, oh well life goes on.

That's all I've got for you folks. Tomorrow is Friday and that makes me happy. Confessions coming, stay tuned. Goodnight.

Sammy has been enjoying taking Emily's new ride for a spin on our morning walks.


  1. I think you could maybe call this: "mama's got her 2012 groove on". That would be applicable, though yours works too :) I didn't even bother making any resolutions because honestly, the change of year doesn't affect my motivation very much. Apparently neither does an impending trip where I will be in a bikini, but really, its all about appreciating life and how God made us! So ENJOY that Sees candy - I am jealous! - and go on your morning walks, its not a problem! And can I clean your bathroom as payment for a Lisa nail appointment? That sounds great! Go Jules! Oh and as it turns out, Ginger has narrowing in her spine which could mean disc displacement - she has pain meds now and is feeling better :) I'm looking forward to the confessions, its been awhile!

  2. Happy New Year - I am in love with that picture of Jules with her artwork in the kitchen. Such a cutie! Andd.... Lulu, new phone, See's... wow! What an awesome week. :-) And yes I also want a nail appointment; those colors look fun! I am great at cleaning a kitchen. OK time to prepare for confessions. Happy Friday!