oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love your Neighbor

If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, "Love your neighbor as yourself,"
you are doing right~ James 2:8

My mind is buzzing right now. So many things I would love to write about and yet I can't seem to organize my thoughts. Studying the book of James is rocking my world. Not only do some (a lot) of his words hit me straight between the eyes, I've become all too aware of some "cleaning up" that needs to take place in my life. Am I quick to listen to others?? Or am I just waiting for them to pause so that I can interject my superior words of wisdom (insert sarcasm)? What about anger? Am I slow to become angry? Or do I feel my blood start to boil every time I hear the kids fighting or whining? Do I truly look to fulfill the needs of others, to love them just as much as I love myself? Hmmmm...doubtful. How can I truly pursue an intimate relationship with Christ if I don't cast aside my own sin and prejudice and see others the way that He sees them? Hmmm...again mind buzzing.

In an attempt to reel in my thoughts, I'm focusing in on the concept of loving my neighbors, being quick to listen to them, slow to become angry toward them, not favoring one over the other and examining their need and interests more closely than my own. Who are my closest neighbors?? Well, there's my "neighbor" who sleeps next to me and a few little pint sized "neighbors" who live across the hall. I've have spent this week actively pursing the instruction that James gives us on my family.

I can do all the Bible studies in the world, I can put my best foot forward on this blog and my happiest face on to others, but there's accountability in my children's memories. Will they remember that I love their Daddy? Will they remember me being patient? Will they remember me being kind, gentle, honest, slow to anger? Am I more interested in their interests than my own? I have been praying this whole week that the Holy Spirit would intercede for me and that my family would see the love of Christ in me.

I'm sure you've all heard the saying "children spell love T.I.M.E." I was intentional about that this week. Yes, I stay home with them and we are together all the time. However, when Juliana asks me to watch her make a snowflake, does my irritation show at having stop what I'm doing? Do I simply tell her I'll watch later? Or do I joyfully put down the dish towel, sit down next to her and not only delight in her new skill, but delight that she wants to show me? Same scenario, but now it's Trent wanting me watch him do a puzzle. I know that order in the home is important and it's equally important for them to see me being a good steward of what the Lord has blessed us with, but is the emphasis on a clean home or is it on showing them love? Meeting them where they're at...

Let me tell you, the Holy Spirit is refining me. Through the gentle discipline of my loving Father, I have been blessed immensely this week. Obedience in this one area has brought about some remarkable changes in my heart, Glory to God!!

Part 2: Our week at a glance

Home from school recovering from the stomach flu, an official jammie day for everyone

yeah, she climbs

post pre-school snooze, precious

coffee cake muffins, substitute regular milk with vanilla coconut milk, delicious.

new aviators, Sarah says they work for me. Second opinions?

cutest cheerleader at Uncle Mark's game...they won!

picking flowers for mommy and throwing money in the fountain

escape artist
Unseasonably warm weather brought about some unexpected backyard fun.

warm weather = bathing suits and popsicles

she built a "water park" for everyone

Lastly, my Honey returns home tomorrow and we have a date. I'm taking the Coaster down to meet him. Can't wait to spritz my wrists, swipe on some gloss and show him some love (T.I.M.E.)

Now that I've pretty much bore my soul to you, I don't know that I'll be back for confessions tomorrow, but here's a silly one just for kicks...

I was home by myself this week with the kids which means I can't run out (or have Drake run out) if I get a hankering for something. Well, Mama was craving some sugar. I found some lemon frosting tucked away in the fridge and lathered it on a piece of bread, it's the same concept as cake right? Also, I ate not just one, but three pieces.

Please feel free to share anything on your heart or mind...have a good night all!


  1. Hi Lisa - i'm excited about your post this morning because I was just reading something with a similar theme yesterday about TIME and being in the moment, and since the article was written by a runner mommy, she phrased it this way "be where your feet are".... so, if i'm with Michael, BE with Michael. If i'm out on a date night with Tom, then BE with Tom. If i'm running or exercising, then BE in that moment. Anyway so i guess what i'm trying to say is, I can totally relate to what you wrote and I love it.

    Onto part 2. I think the aviators are a winner but would like to see them on a smiling Lisa :-)

    I don't think I have any confessions this week other than the normal obsession. 2 more weeks!!

    Have a super weekend!!

  2. I have a confession for both you ladies. My wife was obsessed with Breaking Dawn that she had me drive to Beth's house so I could get an illegal copy of Breaking Dawn on a flash drive so Lisa could watch it. I think Tom and I deserve spouse of the year co awards for the trouble we go to make our wives happy. BTW I am all good with illegal copies anyways. it's not like you both will not be spending the money to have a copy of the movie and have watched it a half a dozen times in the theater or at home.

  3. Oh Honey!! You win spouse of the year 😜

  4. This blog is highly entertaining, especially the comments section. I am just wondering when I'm gonna get my BD invitation...cuz here I am inviting myself!!! LOVE the aviators...they DO work for you! :)

  5. Mandee! You HAVE to come watch BD! I am officially inviting you! You are the reason why the obsession has trickled down to me, so its only proper that you be there to watch it with us :) I love this post. I am definitely seeing the "change" Beth M. was talking about in you Lisa. I pray that we all continue to change and that we never become content with stagnant lives. I am just now going to start catching up (yet again) in my study since as we know the "flow" caught Jake and I this week. xoxo

  6. Mandee!!!! Your are welcome always...maybe I was afraid you wouldn't be our friend if you knew how "robsessed" we all are, just kidding. We're trying to get a date on the calendar in February, I'll keep you posted :)

  7. Even though I am not part of the BD obsession, I would be happy to host the next girls night at my place on Friday Feb. 24th. David will be out of town and we would have the place to ourselves. Yes those glasses work for you...a smile would improve them :)...
    Now on to the James study-yes, yes and YES!!!! Let's all encourage each other more with the Word and in our actions.
    Blessings to all of you (commenters)

  8. mom, have no fear we won't make you endure a crazy vampire/werewolf movie. we can watch BD at my house on Feb. 17 since drake will be out of town and then on the 24th we could do another dinner/movie (romantic comedy genre) at your house!! Sound good everyone???