oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fancy Fridays and A Few Confessions

Ahhhh, Friday at last. Friday nights are one of our favorite nights. For the past few Fridays I have skipped making dinner and just made us (the Honey and me) a platter. Typically it's an assortment of cold cuts, cheeses, french bread, fruit, I garnish it with dark chocolate...it's superb and makes us feel fancy. We wait until the kids go to bed to crack open a bottle of wine and feast on our platter. It's almost like our living room is transformed into a posh wine loft where we have the freedom of bare feet. Yes, I heart fancy Fridays.

This week was a good week. Fully immersing back into our school routine and preparing to celebrate the little sister this weekend we stayed just busy enough. However, our walks to and from school we take our time. This kindergarden walk has become one of my favorite times with the kids. We have to leave early enough so that Trent has time to collect every stick along the way or so that we have time to capture pictures like this.

Coming home we move a bit slower and on Fridays the school sells popcorn for twenty-five cents. We'll take two please :-) .

I love raising my kiddos in Southern California because even in January shoes are typically optional and my little boy prefers to go without...and I let him.

Little Sister is happy to tag along in the stroller and will beam at any child that runs up to talk to her. Love our sweet Sammy.

I've been working hard to make sure that we ring in her first year of life in delicious style, can't believe we've had her for a year already. Time just keeps slipping by. Here's a sneak peak of the festivities ahead...

I promised a few confessions, so here goes...

1. I spent WAY too much money this week, all in the name of Samantha's party of course.
2. I was mildly bitter that Drake visited a winery on his work trip (prior neither one of us had been to one and I was hoping we would go together for our first time). He did bring me a souvenir as a peace offering.
3. I miss my Sarah. She's been vacationing in Cancun all week. I didn't realize how much I text her ridiculous things until she wasn't here to bug with my nonsense. She'll be home tomorrow, sigh.

This weekend we will celebrate our sweet baby girl and we will watch Juliana and Trent's excitement over their little sister (as well as their enthusiasm over all the candy that was purchased). I'm excited and I can't wait to share it with you. Have a great weekend!


  1. I miss my Lisa! I have had ridiculous things to text you as well, but AT&T would charge me like crazy if I chose to indulge in our senseless/silly texts! But I have something little for you as a peace offering as well ;) This week was full of extravagance: too much good food, gorgeous resort, and beautiful weather.

    Okay, here are my confessions via Cancun:

    1. I ate WAY too much this week, and I feel so miserably full its gross. To top off our week of eating, we just went to a seafood steakhouse and luxuriated yet again. And, I have Tiramisu garnished with kiwi in the fridge waiting for me to eat it for breakfast...

    2. I have not entirely enjoyed myself this week. Its so hard to completely relax when I feel like I shouldn't be. My stress caused me to pick a couple stupid fights this week... poor Jake, I guess I don't handle the anxiety I've been suppressing that well. They really weren't that bad, they were just totally unnecessary.

    3. I watched Sex and the City part 2 this week - 3 free channels of HBO and this movie happened to be in English. I have seen it before, I know how ridiculous it is, how inappropriate it can be, and its so mindless - yet, I watched it again. I excuse this by the fact that we don't have cable, so I pretty much never watch useless tv.

    Well, thats all I have right now. I will see you soon! Looking forward to returning to normalcy, and I'm REALLY looking forward to watching The Help next Friday! Beth, I know you want those Red Velvet cookie sandwiches - and Julie, I know you feel you missed out as well -, but I know Julie is also making the Molasses cookies... Do you really want me to bring those too? Just let me know, I'm perfectly happy to make them (in a smaller batch and in smaller sizes) .

    Speaking of dessert, I think we might eat it now instead ;)

    Love you all!

  2. Sarah...is that you?! It is so good to hear from you. We got the email that you made it safely. Hoping you are enjoying your time.

    Here are my confessions:

    I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME trying to hook up our new internet/phone system. I was stressed and way over my head in computer terms. After many hours of plugging/unplugging , booting/rebooting, I was able to either have internet or phone not both. So what to do...I called a friend from church who selflessly came to my home and within minutes had the whole thing working. My mistake I should have just unplugged the power to the router and plugged it back in. I unplugged EVERYTHING
    and plugged EVERYTHING many times. Who knew just the power to the router.

    The above mentioned computer fiasco caused tension between me and my man. He said if I couldn't get it fixed he would have to get involved and call people. I'm still wondering who he would call. ATT charges.... wait for it.....$200.00 to install the modem that took me (not a computer guru) 5 minutes to install so how much would they charge for an unknown problem. We were changing everything to save money this would have defeated the purpose. Thank God (I mean this sincerely) for my church family and the gift of serving one another. !!! This is a shout out to Glenn Vague who came over after work on Thursday night because it was the only time he had before he/family left to go to Big Bear. It's a reminder to me about giving and serving one another humbly.

    I have the joy of being a "listener" at AWANA's. What this means is I listen to scripture the students have memorized and I sign their books confirming they have indeed memorized the scripture. I listen for the 3rd-5th grade girls. What I have realized is that I need to listen more and I'm actually loving all the chattiness of the girls. I take Juliana to AWANA and in the car she is chatty,(not just in the car). I want to listen and hear her heart. I need to listen while she is still eager to tell. I want there to be open communication. I want her to continue to chat even when she is older so I must listen well now and continue to encourage this dialog.

    I must get busy time to decorate the birthday cake for Samantha. Cake is baked, frosting is whipped up, now time to and color and create. Wish me luck!!

    Good to get all this off my chest...