oh honey

oh honey
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Friday, September 11, 2015

Photo Dump/Blog Resurrection

Confession: I had a pipe dream of updating you all on the past year in photos...but my computer nearly crashed when I tried to upload all 1,593 photos (oops).

So you'll have to settle for a quick written update of the past year and a photo dump from the past MONTH.

November 2014~ the entire Sammons family minus Grandma and Sammy were taken down by a horrific stomach flu the week before Thanksgiving. The only thing to be thankful for was kicking off the holiday season a few pounds lighter. Amidst the intermittent chills and hot flashes looser pants somehow didn't feel worth it though.

December 2014~ Christmas was wonderful. The kids did the scripture reading at our candlelit Christmas Eve service. Sammy wasn't wearing shoes and managed to flash the congregation, but she didn't set the place on fire so all in all it went well. Aunt Kelsey got married New Year's Eve and the whole family was in the wedding.

January-February~ had to cancel a weekend getaway to Vegas, Sammy had pneumonia and Drake traveled a lot for work.

March~ Bon Voyage! We headed to New Zealand to see Grammy and Grandpa who live there six months out of the year. We had the time of our lives. Lots of adventure and cherished time with family. This trip will be a favorite memory for forever.

Oh yeah, also in March we took the kids to Spring training. Even though it felt like we stopped at every bathroom between Carlsbad and Phoenix, my neck still got peed on while Trent attempted to urinate in a cup while I was driving in the middle of the desert. True story.

April-May~ finished out our school year strong, took advantage of warm days at the beach before the summer crowds flocked in.

June~ Our girl turned 9, sigh. We had a party involving nail polish, popcorn and Sprinkles cupcakes.

July~ Juliana attended her first sleep away camp. Drake and I headed north to Seattle to celebrate Grandmom's 90 year's of life. She passed in late June. We had an incredibly blessed time with family.

And now we've come full circle here's our August and early September in photos...
 {post beach ice cream trip: THE BEST}

 {Buddy braved the high dive this year}

{readers are leaders}

 {river trip 2015}

 {sometimes the ordeal of a family river pic doesn't feel worth, but it always is}

 {palm springs night swim: our fave}

 {amanda's bridal shower}

 {the first brown eyed boy to steal my heart}

 {soccer season begins}

 {her very own spend the night with grandma and papa}

 {amazing how much doesn't change in a year}

 {sleeping companion when daddy's away}

 {first and fourth grade}

 {new beds for the girls}

 {the happiest day of his life}

 {best friends get married}

 {crazy love i.e. you drive me crazy but i love you more}

 {sunday snuggles}

 {happiest place on earth}

 {strolling with minnie}

 {potential christmas card}

 {happy hearts}


 {jungle cruisin'}

 {sammons family reunion}

 {original 6 + grandparents}

 {"i'm on the injured list"}

 {guilty pleasure: champs + gilmore girls}

{these were a steal, hoping to hit up a country concert in october...sigh, wink, dad?? tix??}

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