oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Once upon a time I was a mom with one child. She carried a lunch containing organic chicken and vegetables, fresh berries and raw almonds to preschool. She wore perfectly coordinated outfits to run errands and we napped together in the afternoons. Today I am a mom of three kids, managing education, sports and their ever growing appetites. 

Today it was just the girls and I at Costco. Samantha was rocking yesterday's ponytail and spilled the sample of cashew milk down her leg (she's not exactly the grin and bear it type). While quickly walking to the next sample station to retrieve a napkin for the said cashew milk crisis, Juliana stepped on the back of my flip flop and broke it. It was then I saw them. The answer to the "I'm hungry" ten minutes after lunch, the uneaten organic food I currently packed in their lunches that went to waste, my own laziness and exhaustion prevailed and I caved...I bought Uncrustables. 

The earlier me is fully judging the current me. Good thing the current me couldn't care less.

Currently going on in our household.

{sofia puzzle in the center of the kitchen}

{fall baking has started}

{my go-to for fall and winter cooking and baking}

{the. best.}

{i was 18, she was 19, we were in spain, crazy how time flies}

{cooking + vino while husband and kids are at soccer practice}

For those curious...A couple of years ago Laurie made a recipe book for Kelsey and I. It's a compilation of favorite family recipes, photos and stories. The recipes are fantastic, but it's her perspective and sense of humor that is the real gift. While I use this book year around, fall and winter is the time the book becomes a mainstay on my kitchen counter.

Tomorrow night Drake and I are sneaking up to Disneyland for dinner and few rides, kids are having a sleepover at Grammy's. The rest of the weekend will involve soccer games Saturday morning and friends over for football on Sunday. Hopefully lots of lounging and maybe another batch of pumpkin cookies are also in store...we'll see. Happy weekend and happy fall friends!!

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