oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Boys Away, Girls Will Play

Can anyone else besides me relate to this??? Moving on...

This weekend Drake took Trent to Dallas for a boy's weekend of sporting events and a couple of meet ups with family members and old high school friends. Not to be left out, the girls and I had a little fun of our own. Juliana spent the greater part of the weekend with my mom. They scrapbooked the first night and the second night Juliana was "grandma's helper" while my mom watched Luke and Andy for Sarah's birthday.

In the midst of all that the girls had their first soccer games. Check out that little peanut on the end.

 {Mighty Mermaids}

{she scored for the other team, still has no clue}

That afternoon Sammy and I went over to Laurie's to enjoy her air conditioning and pool, Kelsey drove up to join us. Over Greek food and champagne we caught up on life. Have I mentioned how blessed I feel that we live so close to family???

On Sunday I challenged Jules with finishing her school work so that we could sneak up to Disneyland on Monday. Challenge accepted.

 {chucks + castle + clouds}

{toon town fun}

 {minnie's kitchen}

 {girl time}

 {chocolate dipped marshmallow + fall decor on main street}

 {she LOVES the characters}

{"papa said we have to get ice cream"}

My girls are tucked in, my boys are flying home. Samantha starts her last year of Mom's Day Out tomorrow (sob). I'm fighting the urge to finish off the ice cream in the freezer. It was a good weekend. Today was a good Monday. 

Lastly, some random things that brought me joy last week...

{first pumpkin spotting at tj's}

{this in my backseat. those lips, those lashes, i can't}

{the intensity this child loves me with}

{plugged nose + pointed toes}

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