oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Karen...This Post is for You

It is 90 billion degrees in Carlsbad right now and I'm dreaming about a Tahitian sunset, white wine and my family gloriously happy swimming in a pool that spills effortlessly into the ocean.

Last weekend Drake and I attended the wedding of an old friend and much to my surprise I found out my lack of posting was a disappointment to some (cough Karen Krause). Sooooooo, I'm gonna do my best to get back on this blogging train.

For all those curious, the Kellas family is good. We still homeschool, we had a great summer and the photo above was taken during an extended layover in Tahiti while we were en route to New Zealand this past March. Trent broke his wrist last week and the girls have both started soccer. Drake and I still continue to be amazed that God entrusted us to parent these three crazy amazing kiddos and we pray daily for wisdom as we raise them.

Photo dump of the past year to come. Stay tuned...


  1. Hahaha...just so you know, my mom (and sister!) get on me if I've been delinquent in my posting too! :-)

  2. Holy Moly you BLOGGED!!!!! I'm seriously impressed and excited!!!!! Thank you Karen!

  3. Wow! I even got my name in the title of Lisa's blog revival!
    I am pretty sure the world is thrilled that you are up blogging again!
    So fun to read what you have been doing this year and even seeing pictures of Luke and Andy! (they are darling). Absolutely love the picture of you all jumping out of the water! Lisa you are quite athletic to get that high!
    Karen k.

    1. LOL!! Drake and I had the best time hanging with you and Chuck. Thank you for the push to resume blogging, it is fun to have documentation of this crazy time of life

  4. Karen let's be real I pulled her up...just kidding she is pretty awesome!