oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Current mood.

We were up early today. Really early for us. Trent had an appointment to get his cast removed (yay!). Sammy is trying to distract me from writing right now by juggling with beads. Yes, beads. They are bouncing all over the kitchen tile. My eyelids feel heavy and my neck and shoulders ache from painting my bedroom yesterday...I want to nap... I'm startled back to reality by the tiny blue bead that just hit me in the head...

Where was I going with all this?? Oh yes, for a glorious five maybe six hours it rained yesterday. The thermostat in our house actually read 68 degrees at one point, we haven't seen those numbers in that order in FOREVER. Cue coffee pot, fuzzy blankets and slippers. The kids and I sat at the breakfast table with the back door wide open so that the cool air could bless us while we ate.

Once done "Ms. K" announced it was time to make beds and go potty because school starts in ten minutes.

Have I mentioned she set up her own classroom in our garage and runs their school days completely on her own? She looks at her own curriculum and teaches it to Trent. She begins their day with a "morning meeting" where she does a devotional from Jesus Calling the kids edition and then proceeds with their daily schedule which includes recess and lunch. She's amazing. Truly a born leader and makes my job pretty easy. She checks in when she has questions about math or grammar, but for the most part she's educating herself and her brother.

With the cooler weather and the kids at "school" I decided to start a project I had been putting off for awhile, painting my bedroom and bathroom. Armed with strong coffee and a paint brush I went for it,

It was a bigger project than I had anticipated. I texted my mother-in-law the photo above and wrote, "I bit off more than I can chew". Immediately she texts back, "putting on some old clothes, I'll be right over"

She came armed with her coffee too. Projects are kind of our thing together and I savor the time.

{ms. K incorporates home-ec into her curriculum}

{jules and grammy put in a new backsplash}

{finished product: white room}

I love the way it all turned out. I blesses me to have such a cozy space for us to sleep in, but I know that pretty rooms and beautiful back splashes are fleeting. After Trent's appointment we went to Costco. I ran into a friend from high school's mom, she raised six kids. I told her I didn't know how she did it and these were her words to me, "God is always faithful. Our life didn't look like what you girls see on Instagram or Pinterest, but He was always faithful". Truth with a capital T. Who knew the frozen foods section at Costco is where the Lord would minister to me today? 

We are the generation that wants everything to look a certain way, our bodies, our marriages, our children, our homes. Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. Our couches could be flawlessly accented with pillows and our coffee tables graced with bright blooming peonies, but if our hearts aren't raw and obedient before the Lord and His will for our lives then what are we doing?? Food for thought.

A few more photos...

{andy was here}

{side by side reading with Jules}

{fun quiz}

{photo of us taken by a random stranger at the concert}

{cast off. brace for 2 weeks, then home free}

I'm rallying my energy to leave the house to exercise and take Juliana to swim. Tomorrow is our first conference of this school year, I'm wondering if I should just wait in the car and let Juliana aka Ms. K handle it :) 


  1. This post is the reason you must blog! So many wonderful things here!

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    1. Thank you Karen, I have you to thank for the blog resurrection. It's been fun returning to this space and sorting out my thoughts and documenting the little tidbits of our life.


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  4. Yes! Thank you Karen! My prompting (nagging?) did nothing to inspire her to blog. Love this post, especially the part about what raising kids and a family is really like, and that life isn't what we project on social media. xoxo