oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Adventures

Don't be deceived by the cloud covering, it was a brisk 81 degrees with 45% humidity the day we hit up the pumpkin patch. Nonetheless, we still had fun.

Pumpkin patches have really stepped up their game since I was a kid, think carnival but with pumpkins. Rides, games, snacks, did I mention we didn't even buy a single pumpkin?

{remember Tom Hanks in You've Got Mail on the tiny train: Trent Kellas}

 {Lucy Boo loved the miniature carousel}

 {girl train}

 {buddy Luke in the caboose}

 {sister slide}

 {let the wild rumpus start!}

{besties for life}

The following night Juliana had swimming and so to kill time in between I told Trent and Samantha we were going on a fall adventure. We brought a blanket in the car, they snuggled together and I  turned up the AC as cold as possible. We drove along the coast, we could smell campfires. We pretended that the air outside was so cool we could see our breath and we talked about how beautiful trees are when God turns them from green to golden reds and oranges. We drove thru Starbucks and got hot cocoa. Maybe in the next couple of weeks it will cool down and maybe it won't, but at least we have cold AC in the car and our imaginations :-)


  1. Fun time, good memories! I am one blessed grandma.. Love spending time together.
    xxoo grandma

  2. Such a fun morning at the patch. I loved watching all the kiddos enjoy the festivities. Thankful we got a good group shot with grandma and no nose picking (where is that child's mother and why doesn't she teach him any manners!? Or at least hygiene for that matter!) :P