oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Confession of a Teenage Dork

Drake is gone this week. It has become custom that when he is gone for a decent length of time I do some sort of home project to pass the time. This week it was painting the family room. What is a paint job without some good tunes to rock out to? Wait for it...

Oh yeah!! I created a pandora station that plays Whitney, Mariah and Celine. It mixes in a little Luther Vandross and Boyz II Men. This was my adolescence. If I wasn't babysitting on a Friday night or on my one "Drake Event" for the week (I was only allowed to see him once a week to avoid us becoming "too familiar" with one another) you could find me in my bedroom listening to KyXy 96.5 and trying to perfect the art of tiny butterfly clips in my hair. Every night it was love songs with Yvonne Carlin and let me tell ya' it was my jam. Yep, I was that cool. 

Sarah and I realized we were soul mates when she admitted to eating taquitos in her car and listening to our gal Yvonne. While it was more than our mutual love for Bryan Adams and Eric Clapton that bonded us, it was a good start. I can sing every late 80's early 90's love song word for word. My saving grace in high school was that I wasn't too awkward looking (all though some of the outfit choices were highly questionable).

On one hand I can count the number of Friday night football games I attended at my own high school, same could be said for pep rally's and other school functions. My senior year I organized my schedule so that I was done every day by noon. I didn't need to be involved, I didn't need to fit in. While I had friends, Drake and my mom were my best friends. I know the Lord had His hand on me. His grace allowed me to be very comfortable with who I was and I was protected from so much.

I am fourteen years removed from high school and while my life circumstance have changed dramatically I'm still as dorky as I was back then, inclined to the same things. Reading mystery books, watching corny shows on Netflix and listening to cheesy love songs. I have my close friends. I have my family. And of course, I have my sanguine husband who prevents me from being a total recluse. I don't have to be besties with all the mom's on the soccer team or be invited to girl's wine nights. I have to force myself to arrange playdates for the kids.

All this to say I sometimes feel like modern day adulthood has become a continuation of adolescence. With the onset of social media we are constantly bombarding our selves with what other's are doing and what we are not.  What the cool mom's are doing and where we are falling short. While our family does do fun things and Drake's job allows us great opportunities, he is gone a lot and it's mostly the kids and I at home. Uninvolved and unaware. Yes, I still rock out to love songs, but the benefit of not being 15 anymore is that I'm not confined to my bedroom with my Emerson boom box and my Drake events don't have to end at 10pm (wink). 

A few photos from our week:

{minnie shoes+cabbage patch doll}

 {easier than actually exercising}

{from the wedding in palm spring: we got caught}

{just keep painting, just keep painting}

{final product}

{cheesy netflix obsession: Hart of Dixie}

{how do you know Drake is gone? Fresh flowers in the bathroom}

{Wednesday, 5:05 pm. no kids, no husband}

Anyone else have a dorky teenage confession?? I'd love to hear...

P.S. If you're craving a little Total Eclipse of the Heart the 80's Pop Love Songs station on Pandora is where it's at. I promise you won't be disappointed. Happy Weekend!!


  1. Can I hire you when I need to paint? That looks great. I'll even let you listen to your "love songs" and sing out loud if you want to. :)
    xxxooo mom

  2. Your house looks great! I'm impressed by all the painting you've been doing! And you're right, we did form our initial bond over good ole Yvonne Carlin from kyxy. I really miss her soft spoken dedications and insights into my teenage life ;) xoxo