oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


We are four days into my most favorite month of the year. Since we last "spoke", my boy has turned seven, Drake and I went to Cabo, we celebrated Halloween and there's been thousands of "I can't believe this is my life" moments both good and bad.

Honestly, this has been a tough year. We have learned firsthand that sad things happen. In the midst though God continues to prove that He is faithful and that in every hard thing there is an opportunity to draw us closer to Him and closer to each other. While there has been hurt there has also been immense joy and much to be thankful for.

 {backyard picnics on homeschooling days}

 {God's artwork}

 {coffee mornings with my shadow}

 {salted caramel sundae}

{disney with grandma: my most favorite lady ever}

 {this boy}

 {time away with my honey}

 {poolside champagne and great friends}

{nobody puts baby in a corner}

 {our favorite restaurant, EVER}

{pumpkin carving}

 {best daddy}

 {matt kemp, minnie the witch and wonder woman}

 {happy halloween}

{strong coffee + matching nightgowns}

Each of these photos could be there own blog post, there's so much behind all of them. I mean that salted caramel sundae...mom and I decided to split it, I think after one bite we both were wishing we got our own. My sweet boy who I blinked and now he is seven, SEVEN!!! Don't even get me started on Drake and I thinking we could reenact that Dirty Dancing move in a pool. I am so thankful for all the memories behind all these photos and the people that share them with me.

We have been having a lot of dialogue in our family about those who are less fortunate than us. Doing our best to explain that God loves us all even though our circumstances are different than other's. It can be just as difficult to wrap your brain around that at 32 let alone 4. "Why doesn't God give them a house like us?" when she sees the mom and her daughter asking for money outside of Target. These are hard questions. "Sammy, I don't know, but that doesn't mean that God loves them less." 

I am approaching this holiday season being thankful for a God that has the answers when I don't and trusting Him. I am practicing living in contentment in hopes that our children will glean from it. Happy November friends.


  1. Love this!! And yes the next time we will each be getting our own sundae!!
    Trying to invision Drake strutting his stuff like Patrick Swayze-LOL!!

    1. Oh Julie this big boy can dance...just ask Lisa about our neighbors wedding;)

  2. Id want my own sundae too and I haven't even tried it! Just the name would tell me everything I needed to know! Love all these picture and hearing about the recap. That picture of the beach makes me want to go sit down there and enjoy watching the waves and feeling the breeze. If only I could just sit down there. Xo