oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fall Vibes (plus Christmas teasing)

Friends, it has FINALLY happened. The temperature has dropped, cue the Christmas music and crockpot meals. But seriously, Michael Buble' is crooning "I'll be Home for Christmas" right now and chili is simmering. We love this time of year around our house.

{scarf, yes please}

Red cups have made their appearance at Starbucks and it's the only time of year I stray from my beloved black coffee. Triple tall with whip, no nutmeg eggnog latte, delish.  

I've ordered the kid's Christmas jammie's they get to open on Thanksgiving and my itch to cook and bake is overwhelming. While my Sammy snuggled with popcorn midmorning, I pieced together enough ingredients to bake chocolate chip cookies, and my other two learned how to multiply two digit numbers at the breakfast bar. 

Don't be deceived all this coziness isn't absent of bickering, spills and messes. We keep it pretty real over here, even so I'm thankful for these morning of togetherness. The learning and the growing, the challenges and the creativity all woven together strengthening the fabric of our family. 

Fall has arrived, Christmas is around the corner and right now, in this moment, we are good.

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  1. Mmmmm cookies! And I too am loving this cooler weather. Popcorn, cozy blankets, coffee, eggnog. It's all so lovely. I have not gone so far as to break out the scarves but I am looking forward to that! I'm just enjoying comfortably wearing jeans and putting the boys in long sleeves, yay for warmer clothes and snuggling without sweating ;)