oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer's End

My Honey has been home a total of 18 hours in the past two weeks. I miss him. A lot. So do the kids.

He comes home tomorrow. After that we have one more day of summer vacation and then my big girl starts first grade. I can hardly believe it. Time flies.

It's been a great summer as far as summers go. We've had a good balance of activity and downtime. I feel like that's the great juggle for moms...activity and downtime. Not wanting our kids to miss out and yet realizing we can relax sometimes because they don't know if they're missing out or not.

It's true. Here's how we balanced our time with Daddy gone.

Hitting up the beach and getting soft serve ice cream in all our sandy glory.

Playing in the backyard.

Walking to the school to turn in our proof of residency. Baby sis INSISTS on walking sometimes.

Celebrating Grandma at Swami's for her birthday.

{love this boy}

Swimming in Grammy and Grandpa's pool.

Look who's floating all by herself...

And the best thing about swimming...it leads to early bedtime...

Our summer is coming to a close. I'm grateful for all the time I've had with my children this summer. I'm glad I get to be with them and know what makes them tick. Our lazy days together have been a gift. 

I'm ready though, ready for the crispness and routine of fall. I'm ready to swap out late morning pancake breakfasts for after school baking. Bathing suits and flip flops for corduroys and new tennies.

Well gotta get. Tonight we celebrate my brother's birthday and I have some cupcakes to ice...

I'll be back later this week for my big girl's first grade debut...until then, blessings~ Lisa


  1. How can you be posting about the end of summer already; I'm not readdyyyyyyyy!!! Although I confess I wouldn't mind it if the weather was, say, around 10-degrees cooler. Cute photos! Can't wait to hear about the first day of FIRST grade (wow!!)!

  2. Yay! A new post! Big girl is starting first grade, sheesh, she is just growing so fast!. I am also very ready for fall weather and I'm hoping we avoid the usual october heat wave. This summer has been a mixture of sleeping and eating - with some work, I'm ready to feel better! So glad Drake made it home safe and sound :) Also, I'm so proud of Sammy for overcoming her aversion to swimming! xoxo

  3. Look at our girl making friends with the pool! Yeah Sami�� School, fall, and then the holidays will be here before you can blink. Enjoy the moments !