oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Iphone Life

It's Monday. I meant to do a Friday post, I've got my share of confessing to do, but life was happening. That is a good thing. Life, activity. It's all goin' on in these parts.

VBS, swimming lessons, friends and home improvements that both exhaust and energize us. My phone has become my source of documentation lately. I still pull out my camera when we're at home or at "events", but for the most part it's my trusty Iphone (who by the way took a dip in the pool at swimming lessons and made full recovery in a bowl of rice) that snaps the otherwise fleeting moments in our life.

So here was our week according to my Iphone...

{new solar lights on the walkway, hi Jamie's car :) }

{latest Team Gross disguise, sweaty bun hair with a distracting flower}

{TJMaxx score, $19}

{diving board action shot}

{pounding pavement}

{reward to follow}

{confession: I was SO annoyed with this little girl who kept moving while I was trying to get a picture of Trent...I know, I know, not her fault}

{sweet boy}

{classic post-swimming lessons treat}

{there's a Sammy in my sink}

{Chick-fil-A drive thru with friends}

{best behavior at AAA}

{lunch at Yellow Deli with my sweet niece}

{the reality of three children+husband}

Our morning walks continue and I'd be willing to challenge almost anyone to an arm wrestling contest because the weight of my double jogger has given me some sizable biceps :). The backyard makeover of 2012 continues and we are anxious for completion so that the BBQ's and nighttime cocktails can resume. After four years of living here, Trent finally has closet doors (HUGE thank you to my brother Mark for installing) and they look fabulous. Juliana continues to facilitate all kinds of play between my three and I love observing. As I type there is laughter and squealing in the living room because of some game she made up.

Life is crazy, but rich. God is good, faithfully showing me that each of these children have something to teach me about myself and about His goodness. 

We've got some fun Fourth plans with dear friends, stay tuned...What's everyone else up to for the holiday?


  1. What a fun post! Summers are the best when you're a kid. Though it looks as though you're having just as much fun :) The backyard is looking amazing, you are doing great with all the running, and those kids just keep getting cuter by the day. I worked on the 4th, but only 8 of my 12 hours and then I went over to your parents to see them and meet up with Jake. I didn't start the day out very festive, but it ended festively. And I saw at least 5 different fireworks shows on the drive home. Fun stuff :) xoxo

  2. My 4th was relatively quiet compared to other years. But it was good food, good company and good fireworks!! Dad and I are very blessed! We are looking forward to going to the river this weekend with Mark/Jessica/Emily. Mark will help dad put in the new door entrance, pray all goes well as they figure out electrical and all that good stuff. The weather should be hot and the water refreshing. Then I will be going back to the river on Thursday with the girls...fun awaits us.
    Your backyard is looking great and I am so happy for you guys. Home stuff takes time, energy and money! But it's always fun to see the changes.
    Can't wait to see your July 4th pics. Love you~gma