oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Embracing It

Drake was supposed to have a work dinner Tuesday tonight. I've acclimated to the flying solo gig because of all the travel that he does. If anything having three kids has taught me to let go and just embrace the craziness that our life often is.

Our afternoon to bedtime went as follows.

My fabulous mom took the girls to Target with her while Trent was napping. Rather than do ANY housework, I laid on the couch the whole time and even fell asleep for 20 minutes. She's pretty much the best mom, I was totally dragging due to a wisdom tooth coming in and a power nap gave me the extra burst I needed. Thanks Mom!!

Take Juliana to dance at 4:30.

Use the hour she's at dance to do my own Target run with just the little two.

Battle Samantha staying seated in the cart. Cave and open a box of Goldfish.

Get everything loaded in the car and realize that Trent is still holding the beloved box of Cars band-aids I promised him, they are not paid for.

Unload both kids and run back in to pay for them.

Pick up Juliana three minutes late from dance.

Mini corndogs for dinner. I justify because I also put avocado and blueberries on their plates.

Blueberries dumped all over the floor, thank you Samantha.

More dishes, more laundry.

Change a poopie diaper and carry baby into bathroom for bath. While filling the tub she pees on the tile and I turn around and step in it. She laughs.

Honey calls to say that the work dinner has been cancelled and asks what's for dinner...errr.

Plans of putting the kids to bed and eating ice cream bars (yes plural) while watching re-runs of Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman (my favorite show) are now foiled.

Get other two bathed and put baby to bed.

Honey pulls up, he suggests I go to the gym. I love him so much.

Honey puts other two to bed while I'm at the gym.

We both enjoy an ice cream bar while watching ESPN :-).

That was just Tuesday afternoon folks, yesterday I had my rear end hanging out the tiny bathroom window that's in the front of our house trying to instruct Trent how to unlock the bathroom door. Samantha has eaten sunscreen this morning and licked the top of Drake's deodorant, she's eyeing some accessible chapstick right now so I better get...but I need to say this first...I love it all. I laugh myself to tears sometimes when I reflect on my days. The joy is rich. The exhaustion is real. I choose to embrace it.


  1. Days like that I feel like I am going to loose my mind but by the days end I sit on the couch with my hubby and say, "we have such great kids. I love them so much." It's such crazy fun!

  2. Think how bored you could be if life weren't busy like this sometimes. You really have wonderful kids. All three of them are so special and you have the right attitude about it. Embracing life rather than going against the grain is really the best way. Going against what God has for us just sounds like misery. xoxo :)