oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Us: Ten Years

I love us together. I really do.

I love that we both think the other one is crazy.

I love that we are content to see the Statue of Liberty from afar and then move on.

I love that we still hold hands.

A lot.

I love that he makes things special for me.

I love that he always holds me close.

I love that he lets me kiss his cheeks...whenever I want. 

I could go on, but mostly I just love us. I love where the Lord has brought us ten years in.

We are quirky, we have our faults, we have our ups and we have our downs, but above all we have each other.

Together, we choose to work hard, laugh hard and love hard to maintain our identity as husband and wife.

Cheers to my Honey and ten years! Love you to the moon, always and forever.

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  1. Happy Anniversary (belated) :) 10 Years is an awesome accomplishment! Glad you guys had so much fun in NY and I am constantly in awe of your love for each other and for the Lord. Keep it up you two! Love you both so much!